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MMDA will launch Free Motorcycle Riding Training beginning September 27

MMDA will launch Free Motorcycle Riding Training beginning September 27

Later this month, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will offer a free training program for motorcycle riders.

According to Facebook post, the MMDA published an announcement that the Motor Riding Academy will open on September 27. It aims to provide the riders with formal training on the practical and theoretical aspects of motorcycle riding. As well as the basic emergency response training.

MMDA Motorcycle Training Program

The program is aiming to provide riders with basic training on handling motorcycles, road courtesy, discipline while riding and most importantly is following the simple traffic rules.

Photo from MMDA Official Website

Moreover, the enrollees will get a certificate for completing the training course which lasts for two days. The riding academy can only accommodate 100 persons per batch.

The enrolled participants need to bring their own helmets and personal protective gear. Meanwhile, the MMDA will provide the motorcycle units and units. However, the enrollment process for the course is yet to be announced.

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 Last June, the authority said the facilities for the academy would be along Meralco Avenue in Pasig area. The container vans, which is used as COVID-19 quarantine facilities, will serve as classrooms. There will be also other facilities like clinic, comfort rooms, dining area and shower rooms.

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Photo form MMDA Official Website

Furthermore, the MMDA personnel will be the trainers for the training program. They are also with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority for the accreditation of motorcycle riding course. It is as well as ride-hailing firms to provide course completers priority job employment.

For this program, Senator Sonny Angara donated 10 motorcycle units in support of the training. Last August, motorcycle ride-hailing app also give 20 units, as well as raincoats and tents

Motorcycle riders out there! Enroll now and promote safe and fun ride on the road with MMDA Riding Training Program.

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