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Romantic Comedy Korean drama to watch for starters

Romantic Comedy Korean drama to watch for starters

Romantic comedy or rom-com is one of the most loved genres for Korean drama fans.

The audience wants to feel butterflies in their stomach while watching the romance of their favorite Korean idols. At the same time, they want good vibes and light drama.

Don’t you have something to watch during your free time? Do you want to feel loved and laugh while watching? Do you want to watch Netlfix and chill? Aren’t you ready for a heavy drama?

Well, this is your sign to start binge-watching romantic comedy kdrama!

Lists of romantic comedy k-drama

Sneak peek

As a starter, I am sure you don’t want to get overwhelmed with lots of Korean Drama on your list. 5 romantic comedy series are enough so it won’t consume too much of your time. I bet you will surely have good vibes here!

Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo | The Kraze

First on the list is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. It is about a competitive swimmer and his childhood friend who’s a rising weight lifting star. Watch how chaotic their friendship is and the long denial before admitting that they are into each other. They both used to bicker and were not used to being affectionate. How do you think they will work on their relationship?

Business Proposal | Caro

Next is Business Proposal. A romantic comedy about a woman who lies about her identity to a man whose a perfectionist. Their love story began when they become business partners. A chaotic gf and calm bf. Watch how he found out the real identity of the woman he likes!

Strong Woman Bong-Soon | Dramabeans

Another one is Strong Woman Bong-Soon. A woman who has super strength and a man who is clumsy. Observe the way this man accepts that his woman is stronger but still wanted to safeguard his woman. Lovely, right?

Fight for my Way | Jae Ha Kim

Of course, the “Aegyo” couple from Fight for my Way is on the list. Best friends who found love with each other. Pursuing your dream vs pursuing the woman of your dreams is definitely a must-watch!

See Also

Legend of the Blue Sea | My Drama List

Last on the list is Legend of the Blue Sea. A mermaid who fell in love with a con artist.  See how the man changes for the woman he loves and then later found out that she is a mermaid! Will they fight for their love?

All romantic comedy Korean dramas on the list are highly recommended!

Worth to watch

The greatest love is when it found you in the most unexpected way. Just like the characters from the romantic comedy Korean drama on the lists.

It feels great to fall in love with the person who loves you as much as you do. And much greater if your loved ones will be your happy pill!

Are you ready to fall in love and laugh your heart out? Watch these now! All series are available on Netflix.

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