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May and June 2022 — Path To The New Direction

May and June 2022 — Path To The New Direction

Village Pipol has released covers these past few months that revolve around the path to new direction.

VP/Covers: Path To New Direction

PATH TO NEW DIRECTION: VP/Cover | Perci Intalan, Fully Embracing His Calling At 50

With the constant change in the creative field, Perci Intalan paves the way for new and fresh stories through the art of filmmaking. Imbibed with his creative prowess, he also continuously strives to be a multi-faceted talent and hopes to produce new films in the future.

PATH TO NEW DIRECTION: Village Pipol’s Pride Campaign, You Are

Now more than ever, the LGBTQIA+ community has never been louder. We’re beginning to see a re-emergence as the message gets clearer; they are here to stay. Village Pipol launched a Pride campaign “You Are” wherein any members of the LGBTQIA+ community can participate. After hundreds of participants, each member gets to be highlighted on our official Facebook page, as well as through our other social media channels– sharing the message of pride.

And within the spirit of diversity, another group of people is developing their voice through fashion. Non-binary fashion has always been seen as extreme by an untrained eye. This is no longer just a fashion statement, but an evolved manner of representation. During one of my early Monday meetings, I mentioned that the public always looks at the visual image first and makes their impressions from there. Non-binary, like any other gender identification, must irrevocably and unapologetically be represented.

PATH TO NEW DIRECTION: VPXclusives | Nash August, Conquering The World of Creative Directing

The seams of creativity are being refined through Nash August’s vision. The evolution of his talent has been awe-inspiring from learning to play musical instruments, and stage design, to drawing sketches for fashion. We are excited to see more from Nash in the near future. We cannot wait for him to take creativity to the next level.

PATH TO NEW DIRECTION: VP/Cover | Sylvia & Ria, Growing Together Through Their Maternal Bond

On the other side of the spectrum, not everyone has a good support system. In the case of Ria Atayde, she gets her strength through the bond with her mother, Sylvia Sanchez. This mother-daughter star tandem was May 2022’s VP/Cover.

PATH TO NEW DIRECTION: VPXclusives | Fall Head Over Heels In Love With Jamir Zabarte and Zonia Mejia

The newcomers Zania and Jamir are certainly being talked about for their roles in Heartful Café. These promising new stars are to watch out for in the near future as they push themselves to inevitable stardom.

Despite the chaotic ins and outs of the pandemic, this gave us time to learn more about ourselves and develop a different perspective on life. Life is indeed short. There is definitely a lot to unpack. A million words we need to say. Deep breaths we need to master. But the Filipinos are known to be resilient. 

I am looking forward to better years, for the path to new direction. Yes, we may be recovering from the reality of the pandemic, but the reality is our battlefield. Stay close and listen, our voices will be heard.

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