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Action movies to watch that are under 90 minutes!

Action movies to watch that are under 90 minutes!

You can never go wrong with action movies! Whenever we crave an adrenaline rush to keep us energized throughout the day, this ever-thrilling genre never fails to deliver its captivating magic and tense narratives. While riding a rollercoaster or exploring a haunted house can also provide an adrenaline rush, there is a unique rush in experiencing blood splatters and gunslinging from the comfort of your own couch.

If you crave true movie escapism from the hustle and bustle of the world, the vast landscape of action films is your ultimate choice. But what if you have limited time to spare? Worry not, because we have just the solution for you! These movies have made it their mission to offer audiences something fresh within a concise timeframe. We understand your desire to fit movies into your busy schedule. So, get ready to ignite your next movie marathon with our handpicked list of action-packed films in under 90 minutes!

Action movies to watch that are under 90 minutes!

2LDK (2003)- 70 minutes

Firstly, we give you 2LDK! It probably emanates one of the best definitions of situations escalating too quickly. It revolves around two aspiring actresses who, one night in Tokyo, find themselves sharing an apartment after auditioning for the same movie role. With both of them aware that the shortlist has been narrowed down to just the two of them, they anxiously await the final decision. However, in a very unpredictable turn of events, their conflicting personalities ignite a full-blown warfare!

Trapping two competitors in a confined space without supervision proves to be a recipe for disaster. The film provides a shocking yet contemplative exploration of the dreadful presence of jealousy. On top of that, it delves into the uncharted depths of our subconscious, exposing the blindness we have toward the consequences of our erupting emotions. It also immersed viewers in a gradual emotional build-up in an already tension-filled apartment that builds up to a satisfying combat until the very end. And the best part of it? The film manages to deliver all of its glory within a straightforward 70-minute runtime!

Tag (2015)- 85 minutes

Here’s another uproarious, surreal recommendation for you. Witness a girl’s life spiraling into chaos as those around her meet gruesome fates, while her own identity becomes increasingly uncertain. This outstanding gorefest bears a compelling and fast-paced ride, brimming with blood splatters and a lot of survival bouts! Alongside its tumultuous plot, the film delves into thought-provoking societal themes, making it a true enigma of a movie.

Uncovering this gem of a film is an absolute blast, as mayhem ensues from start to finish! The escalating unpredictability showcases the boundless creativity of Japanese cinema. In just under an hour and thirty minutes, the film presents a myriad of eccentricities! We have parallel universes, blood-soaked women engaging in martial arts mayhem, and even a gun-toting teacher! All the more so, it had left behind provocative breadcrumbs for viewers to piece together and interpret. At the outset, the film managed to infuse a narrative critical to gender and social oppression. However, let’s leave it at that and allow yourself to discover the film’s unhinged nature firsthand!

Mayhem (2017)- 86 minutes

Here’s an intense spectacle starring the beloved Steven Yeun. Mayhem presents a simple yet brutal premise—an uncontrolled airborne disease that obliterates all societal and moral order that had spread inside an office. Infected individuals don’t just lose their marbles; they become mercilessly violent. It’s an unforgettable cinematic experience, packed with non-stop action, all condensed into less than two hours!

Mayhem serves as a hilarious satire of the corporate world. It explores the suppressed emotions within workers benumbed by poor working conditions. With plenty of blood splatters and creatively choreographed kills, this film imagines how the thinking human becomes unhinged. The action sequences are outrageously over-the-top and aggressive, injecting humor into the already absurd plot and cast. Oh, that unforgettable office standoff? The hyped-up speech by Yeun, the drastic tension building up, and the comically intense fight scene reminiscent of the church massacre in Kingsman? You won’t regret witnessing it!

And for those seeking an introduction to the talented Samara Weaving, Mayhem offers a glimpse into her signature blend of terrifying yet magnetic persona, a precursor to her unforgettable performance in her best-known movie, Ready or Not!

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Tokyo Fist (1995)- 87 minutes

The film ably combines drama and action, positioning it as one of the most outstanding yet underrated sports films of its kind. The story revolves around an insurance salesman who, disillusioned by the monotony of his work routine, takes an unexpected detour. Upon stumbling into a boxing gym, he reunites with an old school friend. However, in a shocking turn of events, the friend starts to flirt with the salesman’s girlfriend, igniting a perilous spiral of jealousy and unearthing unfamiliar aspects of their personalities.

With its fusion of body horror and unbridled action, Tokyo Fist ascends to new heights, delving into the depths of the human condition against the backdrop of Japan. What’s more, it fearlessly confronts the harsh realities of urban living, laying bare the subpar work culture and limited human connections that detach individuals from their own humanity. Furthermore, adding to its gripping premise, the film probes the theme of pain and its coping mechanisms, forcing the love triangle to grapple with its physical and emotional limitations. Overall, the film’s visceral and visually gritty nature pushes boundaries to such extremes that it could easily be deemed a full-blown horror film.

Avengement (2019)- 88 minutes

Prepare yourself for one of the most brutally underrated action films in recent memory. With a runtime of just 88 minutes, it intensifies with every passing moment as we descend alongside the protagonist. During a prison furlough, a lowly criminal eludes his guards and returns to his old stomping ground. Now, he’s more than fueled by a burning desire for revenge against those who transformed him into a cold-blooded killer. And it just keeps on getting better from here!

This film offers everything you could ask for in an action-packed experience. As the criminal takes everyone hostage inside a bar, we become deeply engrossed in the way violence has embraced him like a suffocating blanket during his time in prison. Moreover, It goes beyond mere blood splatters, presenting an emotional journey born from betrayal, hatred, and a continually unfolding mystery. So, buckle up for the ultimate culmination of hyped, toe-curling, and jaw-dropping action that will leave every adrenaline-fueled movie devotee thoroughly satisfied!

And that concludes our list of action movies for the day! Do you have more time to spare? Then check our other list!

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