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Preparing for your first job post-graduation

Preparing for your first job post-graduation

Graduating from college is one of the significant achievements that we’ll have in our lives. However, this does not end here. After graduating, you will be greeted by reality. Although you have graduated, landing your first job is not a quick sip from a straw. To stand out from people that have experience, you must step up and do something that will make you a better individual.

Preparing for your first job post-graduation

Search for jobs ASAP

Before you graduate, look for possible jobs that you can apply to. Begin creating a resume that has your skills and achievements. Since you’ve just graduated, you can put achievements instead of experiences. If your research paper is related to the industry you’re planning to apply for, include it in your resume.


Research the industry you’re planning to dive into. Stay updated with the latest trends and news about your industry. This will help you understand the new world you’re planning to stay at.

Continue to improve your skills

Take online courses, attend workshops, learn new skills, and join events that will surely add something to your arsenal. Don’t settle with what you know, always crave to learn and become better than who you are. This will attract potential employers although you don’t have any experience.

Do a mock interview

Practice answering common interview questions. Ask help from someone close to you and pretend that you two are at a job interview. This will make you confident whenever these questions are asked by the real interviewer.

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Be Flexible

Since you’ve just graduated, be flexible. Consider entry-level positions in your industry. Although entry-level, this will give you experience in the industry. If you are overqualified for the position, you’ll get promoted really fast sometimes.

Looking for a job after graduating can be a hard task. But, if you plan everything ahead, this will give you a good head start

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