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Get that Sparkle: Lucky Beauty PH launches STAR BALM

Get that Sparkle: Lucky Beauty PH launches STAR BALM

Lucky Beauty Inc.

Shining, shimmering, and splendid. When it comes to lip balms, you often don’t think of these three words to describe them. Usually just good enough to lessen the dryness of your lips throughout the day, lip balms as products can be pretty simple. But what happens when we add a little bit of sparkle to it? Lucky Beauty PH has got something new for you. A whole new world for make-up, indeed!

The New Lippie in Town

Lucy Beauty PH

This March, Lucky Beauty PH released their limited edition lip product, STAR BALM along their make-up line. Priced at PHP449, the colored lip balm offers a different take on gloss and shimmer. Like stars, the lip balm sparkles on the lips and at the same time, hydrates them. 

“Our STAR BALM moisturizes while adorning the lips with a glossy sheen bejeweled with ultra-fine shimmer particles.” 

Lucky Beauty PH, On Shopee

Keeping your lips soft while looking glamorous can be the perfect look you never knew you needed. The pinkish shades that they give to your lips will leave you feeling pretty, and definitely very lucky!

 It comes in four different shades you can choose from: Pixie, Superstar, Wish and Skye. 

Lucky Beauty PH on Shopee

Many netizens have already reviewed the product, describing positive notes and commendations. Shopee reviews have vouched that the lip balm makes them feel moisturized and is definitely long-lasting. Some have said that it even makes them feel young!

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Beauty is Luck

Since its release in February 2023, Lucky Beauty has been one of the most sought-after makeup brands by plenty of women. As the owner of the brand, Kapamilya Actress Andrea Brillantes had her goals set since the launch of her products. She started her makeup brand journey because she loved to do her own make-up. She treats make-up products like charms that gives good luck to every woman.

“Lucky Beauty is all about makeup products that serve as lucky charms you can rely on for anything and everything in your life,” 

Andrea Brillantes on her Instagram post

Treating makeup with such gentleness, the actress carefully curated the brand with her team. In her instagram post, Andrea mentions that her products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, beginner-friendly, thoughtfully-formulated, and is suitable for all skin types. 

You don’t wanna miss the chance to get the STAR BALM. You can add them to your cart now!
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