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In the market: 2023 motorcycles that fit your budget

In the market: 2023 motorcycles that fit your budget

Can you picture yourself with a motorcycle that makes you really cool? Well, you can keep that at the back of your mind and worry about it later. You should focus more on its value, accessibility, and security. Here are some 2023 motorcycles that fit your budget gaining demands in the market.

In the market: 2023 motorcycles that fit your budget

Low-displacement motorcycles

If you like scooters in the 110cc to 125cc range, consider these three low displacement motorcycles. These not only fit your budget but also suit your style preferences. They’re also perfect for your daily transportation going to school or work. Even in running errands, these scooters lend a big hand.

Honda Genio

SRP ₱ 72,900

Honda Genio stands to embellish its range of state-of-the-art and fashionable motorcycles designed to allow its users to experience the pure gem of riding. Its chic composition and special features settle the hassle travel problem for commuters.

Equipped with smart technology and enhanced smart performance, it also features a digital meter panel with LED headlights, an ECO display, and a secure key lock with seat opener. 

It also offers a U-Box capacity of 14L equipped with tubeless tires and an internal luggage rack. Safety comes standard across every Honda motorcycles and this motorcycle provides a compound braking system. It includes disc brakes at the front and a mechanical drum brake system at the rear. 

Yamaha Mio Fazzio

SRP ₱ 92,900

Fazzio has unveiled the newest member of the Mio scooter range. Its design, premium features and superior technology set it apart from other entry-level scooter ranges. Yamaha’s latest Fazzio is designed to highlight its users’ eccentricity, intended to meet the ever-changing mobility needs of today’s generation. 

It is powered by a fuel-injected 124.8cc single-cylinder engine with 8.3 horsepower at 6,500 RPM. Fazzio stands out thanks to Blue Core Hybrid technology. The assistant uses the battery to give it a strong acceleration for 3 seconds. 

It also includes Yamaha Y-Connect, Smart Key, electric power socket, LED headlights, hazard signal lights, immense 17.8 liter underseat storage and 5.1 liter fuel tank. This scooter runs tubeless tires with a fully digital speedometer. 

Suzuki Burgman Street 125EX

SRP ₱ 92,400

Suzuki launched the latest model in its entry-level maxi-scooter series, the Burgman Street 125EX. An affordable maxi-scooter design prioritizing practicality and efficiency is what Street 125EX is what sets it apart from other scooters in the 125cc range.

Top-of-the-line features include a fully digital panel, a spacious running board, long seats comfortable for two, and a high, though non-adjustable, windshield. It also offers a complete set of LED lights in front, rear, and turn signals which maintains a safe driving even in the dark. 

High-displacement motorcycles

A thrilling long-ride adventure won’t be complete without riding a big bike. If you wanna experience the power of high-displacement motorcycles with a cubic capacity of 200cc to 400cc, you should check these bikes made for your venture satisfaction and budget.

Kawasaki Dominar 400 UG

SRP ₱199,900

From the name itself ‘dominar’ meaning ‘to dominate’, this sports-touring motorcycle serves an unyielding appearance and outstanding features for those seeking an exciting adventure.

Powered with liquid cooling and fuel injection, Dominar 400 UG can perform a 35 horsepower and 35 Newton meters of torque. Security-wise, this bike is equipped with an engine control warning, overrun switch, slipper clutch and an anti-lock braking system or ABS.

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SRP ₱219,000

You’ll experience a keen-edged look and aesthetic appearance with this 400cc naked bike. It features a center console that exhibits a digital odometer, fuel gauge and speedometer. There’s no turning back with ith its 17-inch wheels, two-ply seats, and a 17-liter fuel tank.

This affordable naked bike is equipped with retractable front and cantilever rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes, pass switch and ABS for your safety while driving.

Performance-wise, CFMOTO 400 NK can reach a top speed of 155 km per hour thanks to its impressive 400cc liquid-cooled DOHC petrol engine. It develops a maximum power of 41 horsepower and 34 Newton meters of torque.

Motorstar Cafe 400

SRP ₱140,000

The 2023 MotorStar Cafe 400 impresses with its striking vintage styling perfect for drivers looking for reliability. This cruiser bike serves a classic-looking tank shape, tank pads, round headlights and rearview mirrors.

With its budget-friendly price for someone who has an eye for cruiser bike, this is totally a cap. Producing 27 horsepower and 30 Newton meters of torque, you’ll never go wrong with Cafe 400.

When it comes to suspension tuning, Cafe 400’s telescoping forks leads in the front and dual gas-filled shock absorbers in the rear. This cruiser bike is also equipped with a single front disc brake and a drum brake on the rear, ensuring your safe driving experience.

Finding the perfect look for your future motorcycle is important, but affordability, reliability, and safety should always come first. Still, you can’t go wrong if you take a closer look at the latest bikes in the market perfect for your style and budget.

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