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An open letter to our angel, Claire

An open letter to our angel, Claire

Hi, Claire. It’s been 2 years and months since you left us, yet, it still feels like yesterday. I don’t know if this letter would reach you up there. But if it can, I hope angels would tell you these things I wanted to let you know.

I know you’re happy now, well who wouldn’t be? You are certainly living in a happy place without any pain and worries to feel. Yet, I miss you — we miss you so much everyday. 

Till now, I still remember it so clearly. It was morning on the 26th of December, 2020 when I was informed about you. I didn’t actually know what to feel, there were even no tears falling on my eyes. Am I still dreaming until now? 

It was so devasting, to be honest. We’ve just celebrated Christmas the day before then all of sudden, you’re gone. What’s worst on my part was the fact that on that same day, I cannot actually go and see you. I wasn’t given the chance to formally say goodbye to you.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Every unexpected catch-ups will never be the same without you around. You are one of the “early birds” in our circle of friends. You are missed at home, Claire; my Mom and Lola misses you so much. Every videoke sesh is never the same without you singing your most favorite song “Trouble is a Friend”. 

However, I know you’re smiling up there with your mom. I am more than happy for you. Finally, you get to hug and kiss your mom just like what you always tell me back then.

To our dearest Claire…

This write-up has witnessed how cry baby I am and how I love you so dearly. I almost gave myself an alone time, just to talk with you through this article. After all, I want to let people know how great and lovely you are as a person. You deserve this words, Clara.

Thank you for being such a good friend, a sister and a great listener. It was never a dull moment with you, Claire! I will forever miss your sillyness whenever you disturb me with your countless selfies on my phone. I hope you lived the world the way you wanted it to be.

Nonetheless, it’s not just me who has something to tell you. Our friends wanted to tell you these things too, to which I really prayed an angel would let you know: 

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

“We miss you dearly, Clara. We may not be the closest in our circle, but our kinship has not crippled. I hope you are happy and at peace right now, wherever you are. I also hope you are watching and is proud of ever milestones each of the Bibes is taking. We will always visit and remember you.” – Alejandra and Nathalie

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“Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. No goodbyes, Claire. We always miss your pabebe voice while singing your most favorite song. We love you! Bibes misses you so much!” – Linelle, Eva, Joy, Rodith, Domz and Mafe

“Ed Sheeran was right when he said, “I wish that heaven had visiting hours so I could just show up and bring the news.” Hey, there, Claire! I miss how we talked about random things like there was no tomorrow. Truly, so much has changed since you’ve been away. I hope you are proud of who we have become. How I wish we could still sing along to your favorite song and make more treasured memories. I wish you would always find heavenly peace with your mom in God’s holiest place. May it always bring you peace to know that someone as exceptional as you, Claire, will never be forgotten.” – Philip

“It’s been 2 years since you left earth for heaven yet the pain of losing you is still here. We are supposedly graduating this year, Claire! You’re supposed to start reaching your dreams. No more pain, Clara.” – Alethea, Sherryl and Domz

Photo and Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Time flies so fast. I wonder what our life would be if you are still here. The world has gained an angel, so does Bibes. We have gained an angel whom we’ll forever look up to. Xoxo, Claire!

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