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Why Adopting a Street Cat is One of the Best Decisions I Did in Life

Why Adopting a Street Cat is One of the Best Decisions I Did in Life

While cycling along Cubao, we noticed a kitten under a car tire. It looks friendly but sick while sleeping. Worried that the car owner might not notice it, I put it in a safer place beside the street. It seems like this kitten was really hungry and longing for a warm home, it kept following me. I have never thought of adopting a street cat before. However, afraid that a car might hit it, I picked it up and decided to take it home.  I fed and bathed it, and named it Timi.

Adopt than shop

I saved Timi from the harsh environment that the street might offer. That, enough, is a win for me. The life that I gave him is enough to satisfy my heart and my desire to offer help. That’s why I truly believe the common saying in social media. They say that it’s better to adopt than to shop. I can say that my decision on adopting a street cat is one of the best I did in my life. Not only did I save money to have a companion, I was also able to help my community.

Why spend money when you can receive the same kind of love from the same species for free. I also believe that adopted animals tend to show greater love towards their parents because they got a better life. More importantly, I feel that I was able to connect more with the cats around me when I got him.

Adopting a cat from the street offers a lot of advantages to the community. It will be much easier to maintain the streets. Not all people are fans of animals roaming the streets. It’ll make the street friendlier to everyone, animal lover or not. The fewer cats on the street, the lower the chances of them reproducing, which I think is vital when it comes to the life of a street cat.

A cat is also a man’s best friend.

Timi helped me get through the downfalls that I experienced. I’m better mentally and emotionally when he’s around. The love that I found when I picked him up on the street is one of the greatest feelings ever. Timi is also very clingy. Every night when it’s time for bed, he’ll lay and purr on my chest. There are something magical about the vibration from his body that heals me emotionally.

Being responsible for his life from the moment I got him, I knew that it would be challenging yet fulfilling. But it turned out better than I expected. Cats are so resilient, and they are so easy to maintain. If you noticed, even homeless cats look clean since I won’t be able to pay attention to him most of the day because I have work and school to attend to. That’s another win for me!

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