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An Open Letter to My Friends

An Open Letter to My Friends

This was the first time that I will be writing a letter to my friends. I actually have no idea where and how to start. A part of me keeps hesitating if I should continue, while I also thought that this is the best chance to tell how grateful I am to them.

By the moment that I was having a hard time writing, I once again turned to one of my friends to tell how I feel. Maybe this is the reason why I thought of this letter in the first place. They are the people who got my back whenever I have doubts about what to do. And I guess I haven’t thanked them enough so this would be the perfect moment to do that.

To my Childhood Friend

Those who know me will only say a name when asked about who my childhood friend is – Jennifer. She is my cousin. We are of the same age and we share the same interest. We both do not like dresses and fancy stuff, we have almost the same pairs of tees and pants, but I must admit she styles better than I do.

To you my childhood friend, I remember how we both walk the longest road from home to school. How we switch our snack during recess and “ulam” every lunchtime so we could have the same thing. I remember how we both dreamed of becoming doctors and utter how proud our parents would be.

But now that it seems to not happen, I hope you will achieve that dream for both of us. I wish that not seeing each other often will not make our friendship any less strong. We’ve been with each other through different stages and I hope it continues in the next years of our lives.

To my High School Friends

It is still clear to me how we created the funniest memories in our high school times. As we prepare for the field demo, cheer dancing, and other competitions for the monthly celebrations on the campus. How we jokingly yelled and laughed at each other whenever someone mistook the dance steps.

During our senior high school years, I remember how we all went outside the room to look for the signal as we search for the related literature for our thesis Chapter 2s. How we randomly spend time at someone else’s house and talked about things that we already knew. I can’t help but laugh as I recall how the curtains in our room turns into a mat whenever we thought of watching a movie.

I hope we get to see each other and talk about things that we all have missed while being away. While we play “We’re All in This Together,” in the speakers we all have a fond memory of it.

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To my College Friends

I can’t believe it’s already been three years. It feels like yesterday when we exchanged glances and send each other Facebook friend requests. As I always say, I wouldn’t have survived the last three years at the university without the five of you.

Whether in physical or online meetings, there is never a dull moment when we are together. We have laughed over the littlest of things and find ourselves smiling just by meeting each other’s eyes. We have survived through some difficult times by inspiring each other when we are about to give up and I hope we continue as each other’s biggest supporters for the rest of our lives.

I hope you get to know how much I appreciate you all from tagging me in the best memes to not eating chicken since I am allergic. For the compliments that fuel me whenever I feel like losing myself.  There is only a year left before we end a chapter, but I hope we could write a new book being us the characters.

There is truly something about a friendship bond that cannot be found in any other relationship. To all my friends who will always have a special place in my heart – thank you! I hope that we grow as we grow apart and the struggle we each have are just a training process for what’s to come.

While life takes us through our different paths, I hope you know that regardless of where we end up, our friendship is the one to give us direction of where our next laughs would be.  

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