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An open letter to the quiet ones…

An open letter to the quiet ones…

Talking less and smiling more have been the usual antic from high school up to college. Looking at the impact of being quiet on my overall personality, all things were slow-paced and lacked purpose. Being a timid person growing up is hard to overcome.

However, letting it define you means that your only sight is the back of those who take it. Those who are go-getters. Of course, everyone has their anxiety standing up in front of a group of people. Creating efforts to abandon this panicky feeling is a must for your overall being.

Not talking is not always listening

Conversing into topics that are mostly unfamiliar. Having a sense of tension when being pointed out to share must be lingering on your spine. Though the case within the definition of listening is through understanding. Sometimes being quiet indicates that you are not knowledgeable about the topic.

It is a good thing to be a listener but, asking questions would not hurt your case. Conversations are always giving and taking. So, being able to contribute within simple statements and banters is important in actually learning to be more articulate.

Passivity leads to a cycle

Being self-aware is highly important in dealing with your own sense of shyness. Learning to create and seize opportunities is a scary step. However, you will never be in control of your life if you just let things escape through your fingers.

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Life is meant to be lived without regrets and letting moments pass through you only means that you are stagnant. Standing still, without the progress you wanted through the years.

Just speak. It is not that hard.

As simple as it is, speaking is the only way to break this character flaw. They will know what will interest you and what you do not want when you say something. Uttering words is just a way of living. Having this privilege to voice your thoughts is generally essential in defining the life you want to live in. Regrets come in the end but, trying your hardest is essential. In order to reach your goals is fulfilling for your mind and body.

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