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An open letter to a loved one who left the country

An open letter to a loved one who left the country

Writing this feels so weird, because sometimes I don’t even want to acknowledge that you’re far away from me. It’s overwhelming and every time I write to you, tears fall down. But I want to take this vulnerability and make it beautiful, because “us” was beautiful. It’s something that will forever be with me even when things change, and time has passed.

An open letter to a loved one who left the country

Our memories here are permanent

When the news came that your Visa got approved, it was a mixed of feelings. For so long, we looked forward to this, but in the pit of my stomach, it was scary to have confirmation of you leaving. I was insanely happy as well, and these two strong emotions tore me apart.

And each day became more special, but also harder. I was counting down the days and reminiscing every memory. I couldn’t believe how quickly time passed, and I cried every time our dates ended, how another day added to your departure.

I’m in love with our past, our present, and future. Everything still reminds me of you, which I try to see as a good thing because our memories were 90% pleasant and 10% bad. But it feels like it’s much harder on me and much easier on you. I’m trying to adjust to your absence, but how can I when we’ve left so many happy memories everywhere? You, on the other hand, have a clean slate, a busy schedule, and a different time zone.

I feel so selfish, wishing that it was me who left instead, when I know you’re having the most difficult time there adjusting. With no family or friends nearby, in a very cold country, and new challenges. It’s just so hard and I wish I was there with you already.

But you taught me why we need to grow

this photo portrays the time differential of different countries.

We’re both ambitious people who were never meant to stay in one place forever. And in order to do so, hardships must be overcome. We must grow, face new challenges, and learn to adapt. But that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t hurt or that we can’t miss it.

You never expected to share your dreams with someone—I’m the lucky one. If little me was listening, the future we want would sound bizarre. I always assumed that long-distance relationships were impossible, that my future partner would never join the army, and that we’d live comfortably on a farm.

But you sir! I never thought someone could be as sweet as you, so smart and handsome, ambitious and caring, so passionate and strong willed. You are someone I admire—more than enough to make you worth it. You are worth the wait, the pain, the worry, the thrill, the sadness, and the unimaginable happiness our future holds.

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There won’t ever be a goodbye

These memories, these plans for the future, and this moment… It has its own worth that our mind, body, and soul will never forget. What we had is now a part of us; what we will have is what we longed for. There will be no goodbyes as long as we have each other and our dreams.

A few random things we value the most.

You’re a part of me now. Even before we were together, you’ve always been a friend. You chose to be my best friend and partner in one. No matter what happens, these memories will remain. There won’t ever be a goodbye. I am a part of you, and you are a part of me.

Goodluck my future Lieutenant, you are someone I am so proud of, someone I can get to call my other half, and someone I am eager to spend the rest of my life with. I love you, you are where you are meant to be. You can do it, and I’ll be right there with you.

If the future us is reading this, know that you’ve made wonderful memories together and that you should never feel bad about it. I hope you’re reminiscing because you both agreed there were no goodbyes and that you’re both looking forward to more new chapters. Be happy.

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