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Alchemy of Souls: Reasons why K-drama fans love it!

Alchemy of Souls: Reasons why K-drama fans love it!

This weekend marks the Alchemy of Souls’ finale. After hearing that Jang Uk is in danger, Mudeok finally understands what she wants in the closing scene of Episode 18.

Episode 18 Stills

Everyone screamed in excitement when Naksu, who is inside Mudeok’s body, finally unsheathed her blade. Well, what can we all expect from fans who waited for this scene? But aside from Mudeok, who requested another promise from Jang Uk, local and international fans also hope to hear that the remaining episodes would be as great and interesting just like the previous ones.

Now, here are some reasons why K-drama Fans Love “Alchemy of Soul”.

The unexpected Plot twists

Oops! Although it is not the unexpected plot twist I am trying to explain, I will admit that I was among the viewers who cheered and felt happy about this turn of events. After all, the Prince also deserved a heart-pounding scene, not to mention that what made his heart pound was the bird egg made out of yin and yang jade.

But all humor aside, the Alchemy of Souls series is significantly influenced by the plot. The emotional struggles of every character, including Jang Uk’s loss of will to train after failing to control his father’s sword, gave the narrative additional zing. We all have internal conflict, but who doesn’t love watching Jang Uk find a way to resolve it?

The Actors’ Portrayal of the Characters

Each character’s job is to develop and advance a plot, thus they are essential to a decent story. Along with other cast members, Lee Jae-Wook, Jung So-Min, Hwang Min-Hyun, and Shin Seung-ho appear in the Alchemy of Souls. We also cannot deny how well the script balanced the stories of each individual, preserved their importance, and kept just enough mystery for the next episodes. Some fans just can’t get over it, which is why they post theories about the characters online. All cliffhangers keep viewers guessing until the upcoming episodes. That proves that the actors’ portrayal of the characters are really effective, isn’t it?

Great Presentation of Historical Drama

Historical K-dramas can transport you back in time and draw parallels between the past and present. And it is not surprising if the long list of historical dramas that viewers adore, now includes the Alchemy of Souls.

The drama takes place in Daeho, a fictional country set in a historic era. As a result of soul-shifting occurrences, (The soul of the dead return to the living), the characters fate became twisted. The series was successful in achieving its goal of telling a story by combining the romance, sageuk, action, and fantasy drama genres.

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These are just a few of the many reasons why viewers adore this Korean historical drama. Perhaps you’re after the actors themselves! I can relate to it because Lee Jae-Wook has me completely hooked and his portrayal of Jang Uk is excellent.

Who wouldn’t be amazed to see three characters being portrayed by Jung So-Min? She can quickly change from the charming Mudeok to the Shadow Assassin Naksu and the powerful priestess of Jinyowon, Jin Bu-Yeon.

How about you? What draws you to this high-rated drama? Share your reasons with us and enjoy the two remaining episodes of the Alchemy of Souls. 

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