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Five binge-worthy horror Korean dramas you shouldn’t miss!

Five binge-worthy horror Korean dramas you shouldn’t miss!

We can’t deny that Korean dramas are one of the best when it comes to storytelling. Of course, horror K-dramas are no exception. However, many people prefer the cutesy romance-themed movies they produce.

Many people also love and appreciate the work they are doing for horror K-drama, including me. Today, let me list down our picks of the best horror Korean dramas you shouldn’t miss.

Five binge-worthy horror Korean dramas you shouldn’t miss!

Save Me (cult K-drama)

Starting our list, Save Me is a 2017 series about four young men on a mission to save their former classmate from a cult. The movie feels very eerie and features great acting that makes you shiver and scared. Every actor in this movie really portrays their characters well. Also, each of the sixteen episodes is well made making you watch for more.

Hwayugi / A Korean Odyssey (fantasy-horror K-drama)

A Korean Odyssey begins as the demon king and a young girl who sees ghosts meet and create a bond. As the story progresses they join forces and fight evil forces. The story is interesting because it has hints of horror and romance that are very unique for a horror-themed story.

Nightmare Teacher (teen-mystery K-drama)

Nightmare Teacher introduces a typical Korean high school. However, everything seems odd when their new teachers arrive. Ye-rim, the class president, is now responsible for the mystery of their missing classmates. She thinks that their new teacher is responsible for it.

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Kingdom (zombie K-drama)

Zombie movies are very typical movie plots, but this series takes you to another level. In Kingdom, a plague turned people into zombies during the Joseon Era. The crown prince is on an adventure to save his kingdom while fighting the zombies and people who banished him for the crown.

Strangers From Hell (mystery-horror K-drama)

Strangers from Hell revolves around a new tenant to an apartment complex. The longer he stays, the more mysteries he is experiencing. Lee Dong Wook portrays his very prominent role in this series making him one of the most versatile actors in Korea.

If you get tired of your typical romance k-drama, this list will surely give you a spook. So invite your family, friends, or partner for a  horror binge-worthy K-movies we recommend!

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