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Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk Star in ‘Monthly Magazine Home’

Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk Star in ‘Monthly Magazine Home’

Cozy up at home with iQiyi’s latest original K-drama series Monthly Magazine Home. Starring Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk, it is a heartwarming comedy about a magazine publisher and real-estate disputes. In a recent interview, Jung So Min stated she feels comfortable working with Kim Ji Suk again after eight years as they worked together from the previous drama Came To Me and Became A Star. She praised Kim for being good at taking care of others as always. Kim also enjoyed this work very much due to Jung’s vivid interpretations. Then, Kim said he learned a lot about real estate in the process.

Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk Star in Monthly Magazine Home

The story of Monthly Magazine Home introduces us to editor Na Young Won (Jung So Min) who has already worked for ten years. Yet, she continues to rent her living place. One day, she encounters a cruel landlord and magazine publisher Yoo Ja Sung (Kim Ji Suk). He uses real estate as an investment tool. Then, the series builds on a story that resonates deeply with viewers across genders and demographics. They also have an impressive supporting cast.

Together, they build up a story that resonates with viewers across genders and demographics. This includes:

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  • Jung Gun Joo plays photographer Shin Gyeom who believes in living in the moment.
  • Chae Jeong An is senior editor Yeo Eui Ju.
  • Kim Won Hae as editor-in-chief Choi Go who works hard to rebuild the aging apartment for the family.
  • An Chang Wan plays the mysterious editor Nam Sang Soon.

The Monthly Magazine Home cast also shared what home to them is like. 

Jung Gun Joo described it as a healing place. Kim Won Hae thought it’s a resting place after work to be with family and relax comfortably. Meanwhile, Chae Jeong An believes home is a place to be just oneself and rest. Then, Kim Ji Suk envisioned the home as a place to recover after an exhausting day. On the other hand, Jung So Min cherished home as a place to refill energies and release all pressure. Meanwhile, An Chang-Hwan related an incident in the past where they had applied to purchase properties after getting married. But, didn’t get selected in most cases, just like his character Nam Sang Soon.

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