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TWICE’s New Album: What Have They Shown Us So Far?

TWICE’s New Album: What Have They Shown Us So Far?

We’ve all had our fan moments with TWICE and it is no doubt that they’re one of the biggest girl groups in K-POP.

They just announced their comeback with a mini album and we are all excited to ecstatic once more!

Here are the updates of their upcoming comeback and what have they shown us so far!

Between 1&2′ Mini Album Sneakpeek

TWICE has announced the new title of their mini album last July 12 and we can’t wait for it to drop!

They have

The girl group has shared this news through a tweet along with the release date and pre-order information.



Release on

2022.08.26 FRI 1PM KST/0AM EST

Worldwide Pre-order Starts

2022.07.26 TUE 1PM KST/0AM EST#TWICE #트와이스

#BETWEEN1and2 #ThankYouONCE #ForeverWithONCE

Tweet from: TWICE (@JYPETWICE) 
TWICE Announce New Mini Album 'Between 1&2' – Billboard
Photo Credits to: Billboard

‘Between 1&2’ Concept Launch

TWICE has released their chosen concept for their newest mini album and we have been blessed by the queens!

With their concept photos full of barcodes, walkie-talkies, and charm from the girl group, we all can’t help but try to decode their message.

All these mystery and hidden messages make us want to fully see their upcoming mini album even more!

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Photo Credits to: K-Pop Database

Talk That Talk’ MV Teaser 1

And we are all hooked!

TWICE has released their first MV teaser and we can’t help but to groove to the music! This girl group has truly taken our hearts and this is just their teaser.

With only just their teaser out, people are already talking about their dance moves and choreography online and it has been trending topic since its release last night!

What more could happen in their MV? We’ll have to find it all out once their MV is out!

Talk That Talk’ MV Teaser 2

What more can we say about this new teaser that TWICE has showed us?

It has the glitz, it has the glamour, and it has its amazing members that we all love!

We all can’t wait for their comeback and it excites us even more to see them in these teasers. Us, ONCE, are all full from their surprises and that’s makes us love them even more.

Only hours away before TWICE’s big reveal, are y’all ready? Share it with us!

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