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A Look at the Glamping Capital of the Philippines

A Look at the Glamping Capital of the Philippines

Glamping Capital of the Philippines

The idea of glamping or glamorous camping seems like an expensive vacation trip. In fact, a quick google image search of the word would show you luxury travels abroad or along Philippine beaches. But did you know that just two to four hours away from Metro Manila, you can reach Cavinti, a town in Laguna named the Glamping Capital of the Philippines?

Last December 2022, Mayor Arrantlee Arroyo told the press that the local government unit (LGU) opens Cavinti for glamping enthusiasts. With the help of private businesses and resort owners, they strategized plans and made programs to strengthen the town’s tourism. Fast forward this February 2023 when we were invited to tour Cavinti, the town is just bustling with glamping sites that range from affordable to luxury!

What I especially like about this is that instead of tight competition, site owners and operators are supporting each other toward one goal: to turn the town into an eco-adventure and tourist-friendly destination. They even established Cavinti Tourism Site Operators Association (CTSOA) to help achieve their visions.

During the 4-day 3-night trip, here are some glamping sites that Village Pipol recommends for your next relaxing getaway!

If you wish to unwind and reflect by the lake: Eagles Camp PH

Eagles Camp offers benches, hammocks, and a bonfire area where you can destress from the daily responsibilities that life brings. With the number of trees, as well as the villas and cabins around, the island gives a nature and wood aesthetic. It feels as if the peaceful atmosphere was set for you to breathe and enjoy the simple things in life. 

If you wish for a Bali-inspired resort on an island: The Greenlake View

This minimalistic yet luxurious island resort mimics Bali’s eco-friendly vacation rentals. Their accommodation includes teepee huts, a big house, a pavilion, and smaller areas where you would feel as if you are embraced by nature. Even their bathroom is surrounded by stones, plants, woods, and things that scream nature! Also, what’s a better way than waking up and seeing how the sun rises by the lake? 

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If you wish to spend time with friends and family doing water and nature-friendly activities: Kamp Tralala

Tralala: a memorable campsite name and an even more memorable place! Whether you wish to hop around its colorful place or ride a party balsa and do water activities, this site is designed to be fun. They promote DIY Camping with their installed tents, bonfire, and other amenities. It’s for people who wish to experience the joys of living in the countryside with friends and family. 

There is no need to travel far or spend lots of money to enjoy glamping. Cavinti offers lots of resorts for you to stay after exploring its scenic falls, lakes, and caves. Eagles Camp, The Greenlake View, and Kamp Tralala are only three of the many resorts the town is proud of!

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