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Soul-searching?! San Pablo City, Laguna got you covered!

Soul-searching?! San Pablo City, Laguna got you covered!

Are you longing for a deep and meaningful moment to unwind? Haven’t thought of the perfect place to visit yet? Worry no more! Get on your feet now, because San Pablo City, Laguna is just around the corner waiting for your arrival!

Filled with majestic greens, this city located in the province of Laguna will keep you relaxed and cool. Being one of the oldest cities in the country, San Pablo City remains to be on the list of local travelers’ go-to destinations. Wandering through the City of Seven Lakes, you will surely be in love with its breathtaking views.

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As a San Pableño myself, I could testify that my hometown is the perfect destination for soul-searchers. Here is a set of reasons why San Pablo City is perfect for your unwinding ventures:

Perfect for Museum goers

Featuring its astonishing vintage museum, “Museo ng San Pablo” is the usual first stop of the City’s tourists. Here you will witness a glimpse of the City’s tremendous history. In the museum, San Pablo’s Historical Timeline is the first notable attraction to catch sight of. You can also never get off of the traditional house vibes that the museum itself offers.

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The said museum is just located at the City’s Capitol Compound which is very accessible from the Town Plaza. Definitely, this museum would be perfect for aesthetes out there!

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Meanwhile, another worth-the-visit museum in San Pablo City is “Museo Ni Cipra II, Parque de Comida.” It is an art gallery located steps away from Museo ng San Pablo. Precisely, these two museums all at once will suffice the museum lover in you.

Food trips galore ahead

If you are up for a ‘one to sawa’ type of food trip, then you should definitely visit San Pablo City. It offers a unique set of food that would certainly satisfy any of your concurrent cravings. Known for its unique coconut dishes, you will be amazed of how a simple coconut strip could turn into a ‘pansit.’ San Pablo’s ‘Pansit Kalabuko’ paved its way to being one of the most famous dishes in the city.

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Meanwhile, restaurant goodies such as Casa San Pablo and Sulyap Gallery Café will take you back to the City’s past. Aside from serving its mouth-watering dishes, the history and art of the city are preserved in these restaurants. Every bite of your food is a light vibe site full of wonders and magic perfect for consuming your meal peacefully.


Resort Hopping

Given that San Pablo City is surrounded by bodies of water, then definitely resorts will be present everywhere in the city. You will not have a hard time looking for the best resort in the city because there are so many options to choose from.

Photo Credit: The Backpack Adventure

Some remarkable resorts within the city are Bato Springs Resort, Villa Escudero Plantations Resort, and Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa. These are just three running water resorts that will surely shrug off the bad vibes within you with their cold refreshing water.

See Also

Visiting the well-known seven lakes

The seven lakes of San Pablo are Sampaloc, Bunot, Yambo, Pandin, Mohicap, Calibato, and Palakpakin. You would not want to miss to go to any of it because your visit to San Pablo will not be complete.

Photo Credit: Nicole_alexis30

Every lake has its signature to offer. But evidently, its majestic breath-taking view is the common trait it shares

Comforting night lights

If you have a thing for lights that would comfort your dark nights, then you just found the city for you! Citizens of San Pablo are very fortunate as its local government really exudes effort in making each night in the city sparkling. Light attractions here and there are implemented to maintain the city’s elegant nights. Its remarkable night lights can be seen at Paseo de San Pablo, which also offers a bunch of food stalls to stroll from.

Photo Credit: GMA News and Public Affairs
Photo Credit: Sweet Tooth  |  FB Page

Recently, a new attraction called “floating ball lights” is implemented for the citizens to enjoy. It is located in its most famous lake which is Sampaloc Lake. A combination of the naturally appealing site of nature and the lights will surely blow you away.

Stressful days are always on their way. So, steal some rest and enjoy life’s simplest gratifications by stopping by at the City of Seven Lakes, San Pablo City, Laguna!

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