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Into the Unknown: Unseen Tourist Destination in Laguna

Into the Unknown: Unseen Tourist Destination in Laguna

Laguna Province is known for its remarkable tourist destination. Enchanted Kingdom, Pagsanjan Falls, and several hot spring resorts are just some of the tourist spots in Laguna. However, Laguna has a lot more to offer. Here are some of the hidden and unseen gems inside the province of Laguna. 

The Unseen Twin Falls

Many people haven’t heard of the unseen Twin Falls yet. Located in the land of Kalayaan in Laguna, the Twin Falls based on the name itself is literally two falls beside each other. With only a 40 pesos entrance fee, you can enjoy the sight of tourist spots right beside each other with a superb view of the whole place. 

It has a pool that is almost 10 feet deep. The water from the pool inside the vicinity is from the fall itself. Tourists can stay in nearby cottages around the pool area. They can bring their own food and assemble a feast for everyone. However, visitors should be responsible. 

Photo | Coffeehan.com

Saint John the Baptist Church

Liliw, Laguna, is recognized as the tourist spot that produces slippers and flip-flops in the country. It houses one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Saint John the Baptist Church was built by Franciscan missionaries. The unseen church underwent several tragedies such as an earthquake and fire incident.

Despite all the tragedies, the church still stands tall to this day. The red baroque-style church is perfect for tourists who are fascinated by old and sacred places. It is also perfect for those who are on a pilgrimage.

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Nagcarlan Unseen Underground Cemetery

Ever heard of an underground cemetery? Well, here it is. The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is located in Barangay Bambang in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Built under the supervision of Fr. Vicente Velloc, the unseen site was the place of burial for exclusive Spaniard friars, prominent town citizens, and members of elite Catholic families. 

The only underground cemetery in the Philippines is a national historical landmark and a museum. In addition, the 1-hectare round baroque cemetery is located two kilometers south downtown of Nagcarlan.

Photo | Pinay Solo Backpacker

In conclusion, Laguna is indeed home to a rich culture and tourist spots. Housing different beauty from nature and history itself, it is undeniably worth taking a trip to the province of Laguna. Get ready and explore the unseen tourist part of the Philippines.

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