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A Refreshing Travel Getaway in San Pablo, Laguna

A Refreshing Travel Getaway in San Pablo, Laguna

It is such an exciting journey to temporarily cast away ourselves from the crowded and loud environment of the Metro. If you would like to spend your days less stressful, the place of San Pablo, Laguna must be on your to-do list!

Nowadays, people can quickly get tired and feel burnt out from their daily lives. The exhaustion sometimes gets to us, especially when the pandemic began. Due to the lockdown restrictions, people can barely go outside. Many of our plans went to waste. Our habits changed as well.

Looking back, it seems hard at first. However, people eventually learned to adapt. Now that we’re slowly going back to our hustle, there’s a loaded amount of stress in the world. We sometimes can’t help but manifest a physical, mental, and emotional tranquility—that we can surely get from traveling.

If you come from the busy surroundings of Metro Manila, you’re probably considering going to a place with serene vibes and a nature-filled destination. Worry no more because reaching the city of San Pablo, Laguna, wouldn’t take you several tedious hours. Upon exploring some of the popular spots, the experiences would be enriching and flavorful.

Here are the best to-go spots for a refreshing getaway in San Pablo, Laguna:

The Sulyap Bed & Breakfast

The Sulyap Bed and Breakfast is like a traditional-modern gallery that travelers may choose as a good staycation place. The decoration brings you back to the 19th century as you will feel the historical vibes of the place. You will be welcomed by a huge garden where several kinds of trees can be seen.

Surrounded by nature, the place is indeed a good spot for relaxation and leisure activities. Also, few Filipino traditional houses were built and tourists could either visit them for picture taking or book accommodation.

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The tourists may also try to eat like those from historical literature. The houses have big windows decorated with shells that make the area well-ventilated. The view outside will capture your interest; with refreshing plants, fresh air, and delicious food, that’s a perfect combination!

When you try to go inside, there are many classic pieces of furniture. The familiar Filipino houses from history will shake the tourist’s consciousness as they’re screaming for the simplicity of traditional Filipino culture.

The Sampaloc Lake

The view of the Sampaloc lake in San Pablo, Laguna with Mt. Banahaw behind it is one of the most breathtaking views you can see in your lifetime. Just watching the Sampaloc Lake while enjoying the fresh air and various street foods would be everyone’s favorite memory.

There are so many things we can explore aside from leaning into our routine. Going on a journey can help you reflect on your life—the present and future would somewhat feel uncertain but exciting nonetheless with all the possible places you can visit.

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