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The Laguna Province Experience: A Traveling Guide Inside Laguna

The Laguna Province Experience: A Traveling Guide Inside Laguna

Laguna Province showcases some of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping scenery across the whole nation. Located in the southeast part of Metro Manila, Laguna Province sure is a perfect spot for an out-of-town vacation plan at any time of the year. Here are some of the known tourist attractions around the province of Laguna.

The Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna

If you are seeking fun and exhilarating adventures, Enchanted Kingdom is the place for you. The Enchanted Kingdom is located in Barangay Balibago, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. The theme park is considered the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines. 

Enjoy unlimited rides inside Enchanted Kingdom’s 25-hectare park that features eight themed zones with over 20 attractions. The enchanted Kingdom offers an unforgettable magical experience for every visitor who happens to spend their vacation in Laguna.

Enchanted Kingdom
Photo | It’s More Fun with Juan

Mount Makiling in Laguna Province

After a fun and thrilling ride, let’s get more adventurous and visit Laguna Province’s majestic Mount Makiling. Sitting around the provinces of Laguna and Batangas, Mt. Makilig is a dormant volcano that rises over 1,090 km. The mountain is perfect for hiking and camping spots for those who want extreme adventures.

Mount Makiling in Laguna Province
Photo | Deztreks

The Majestic Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls or otherwise known as Cavinti Falls is located between the town of Cavinti and Pagsanjan in the Laguna Province. Pagsanjan Falls and its surroundings were declared a National Park last 1939. 

In order to reach the falls, there are two possible routes. First, you can descend rapidly downstream or do what the locals call “shooting the rapids” boat activity. You first need to go on a short hike in Cavinti town. Then, take a river canoe that will come across a 17km rocky stream. 

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Another way to reach the majestic falls is through hiking in Pueblo El Salvador Eco-Park and Picnic Grove in Cavinti. Expect to rappel and trek down steep steel ladders that lead straight to the gorge. 

Pagsanjan Falls
Photo | Escape Manila

Hot Springs… a lot of them in Laguna Province

Laguna is home to many hot spring destinations across its archipelago. If you are planning a hot spring vacation with your family or friends, Laguna is the perfect spot. One specific place in Laguna that houses different hot spring resorts is Barangay Pansol in Los Baños, Laguna. 

Most of the resorts do not have their own thermal pools. However, most of them have their own natural pools that are filled with mineral-rich water and geothermal waters from the hot rocks of Mount Makiling. Hot springs have a high level of sulfur which helps from reducing stress and improve blood circulation.

Hot Springs in Laguna Province
Photo | Jon to the World
Laguna Province never runs out of stunning scenery and hidden wonders for tourists to explore. However, the Philippines itself is a stunning scenery on its own. Continue to support our own locals and together let’s showcase the beauty of our country.
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