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You Are Enough: Accepting Flaws and Insecurities

You Are Enough: Accepting Flaws and Insecurities

Nobody is perfect, and we are all unique in our way. Also, our self-esteem is affected by flaws and insecurities. Flaws are things you believe are imperfect and do not meet society’s standards. Insecurities, on the other hand, are the things we desire and envy from others. However, why do we feel these? And what should we do with our flaws when we feel insecure?

Accepting yourself

Flaws are natural; God did not create anyone perfect because that is not how things should be. Even celebrities and models have insecurities that we are unaware of. Furthermore, we are insecure as a result of these perceived flaws. Flaws can be imaginary or real, but we must not let them affect our way of life.

Why should we accept our flaws and insecurity? We should accept it because it will assist us in becoming a better version of ourselves. Acceptance entails being content as you become more true to yourself. Accepting your flaws will benefit your health and boost your confidence.

Furthermore, people who accept themselves can be a good source of inspiration for others. There is a public speaking presentation called TED talk where people tell their stories. Despite flaws and imperfections in life, they know they have a mission to inspire others. So, if they can do that, we also can!

You are enough

Knowing that you are enough and fully accepting it is a good decision. Although it is still your choice to change your flaws and insecurities. If you believe it will boost your confidence and have a positive impact on you, go for it. Just remember to change it for yourself, not for the sake of others. You have probably heard about people who have had plastic surgery, which is becoming more common in today’s generation. If that is what makes them happy then let us all support and be happy for them. 

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Lastly, whatever we look like does not really matter.  As the old adage goes, having a good heart is preferable to having a good physical appearance.

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