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Why Google Docs is Better than Anything Else

Why Google Docs is Better than Anything Else

As a college student, different tools, equipment, and software are most needed, especially for school requirements. Usually, students commonly use Microsoft applications such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel. However, alternatives have occurred along the way. Google now offers the same applications online where you can freely navigate and use them for free. Google Docs, in my opinion, serves efficiently and effectively, especially during the online mode of learning.

Easy Access

As previously mentioned, Google Docs can be used for free. However, you will be needing a stable internet connection to enjoy full access to this application. Simply search for it in Chrome and you will be able to use different file formats. 

Aside from that, multiple people can have access to one document in Google Docs. Several people can have a chance to edit, suggest, or insert comments on specific documents all at the same time. Google Docs is perfect for paperwork that require group effort or collaboration between several people.

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Shareable Google Docs

Unlike MS Word, Google Docs can be shared with anyone easily through the document link. There is no need to download and upload the document because documents from Google Docs can be shared through the shareable link. Just make sure to adjust and configure the setting to make it accessible to everyone. 

You do not have to worry about downloading a word document in order to open it. It allows you to have access to any document as long as you have an internet connection to be able to view it. This feature will definitely help anyone who needs to urgently share work with someone. Google Docs is perfect for any collaborative work and even individual paperwork output.

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Straight to Drive

Documents used and opened through Google Docs will automatically be uploaded and saved to your drive. Losing files in MS Word has been a common fear for most users. You can confidently know that your work will be automatically saved as you go by. 

You do not have to worry if your internet connection suddenly went out. The document will be autosaved and your previous work can be recovered from where you left off. If you want this kind of feature while working on your requirements, Google Docs can be very essential.

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As the classes are now ongoing, these essential tools will surely help any student with their needs. Take note, let us utilize every opportunity and resource in our favor. As a student myself, I highly recommend everyone use Google Docs in the foreseeable future. 
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