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Reclaiming Your Energy: You Are More Powerful Than You Think You Are

Reclaiming Your Energy: You Are More Powerful Than You Think You Are

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Did you know that you’re powerful? You may have thought that you’re just a human being living a normal life, but little did you know that control is in your hands. You have power, not the fictional ones that you see in shows, but the power to have control over your life.

Yes, you have power over your choices in life

You’re the one who holds the joystick of your own game of life. You navigate yourself into the life that you want. No one else can do that to you, and let no one else do that to you, too.

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However, you may take some pieces of advice from the people around you, but just let those be your guide in making decisions. No one should dictate what you should or should not do, because you’re a human, not a puppet.

You have the power to make your life peaceful

You may have stumbled upon some problematic people, and that’s their choice you have no control over. Furthermore, the one you have control over is yourself. You may choose to exclude yourself from their unnecessary issues.

To add to this, there really are people who try to rob you of your happiness and peace. They will try to drag you into their own chaos, thinking that you could stoop down their level. However, you have the power to shake those off and continue to live your life as peacefully as you want.

You cannot control the actions of unproblematic people, but you can control how you react.

If you ever hear them talk about you, it’s okay. Moreover, you have genuine ones who are at your side no matter what. They won’t need to hear it because they know you too well.

Furthermore, you do not have to explain yourself each and every time someone drags you into their own chaos. Reclaim your power and energy, you have better things to do. And as they say, choose your battles. Not every battle is worth fighting for, most especially if they aren’t ready to listen.

Let them talk all they want, they have no power over you.

If ever that you feel like fighting back, you may do it once just to fulfill that feeling of wanting to explain your side. However, If they still chose not to listen to you, remember that you’re powerful enough to walk away and shut them down. Protect your peace, you’re the one in control. Furthermore, you may choose to continue your life and use your power to make more decisions in navigating yourself to the life that you always wanted.

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If ever that you feel powerless because of the people trying to bring you down, remember that you are the only one who can control your life decisions. And somehow, that’s powerful.

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