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Why is voting is important?

Why is voting is important?

This year’s election goes beyond who will be president. Your vote is your voice and it will affect issues such as education, employment, and healthcare.

Before we start, what is the purpose of voting? Voting is a method for a group, such as a meeting or an electorate, in order to make a collective decision or express an opinion usually following discussions, debates, or election campaigns.

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Here are the reasons why voting is important!

Voting has a consequence

You can choose the quality of life you desire for yourself and future generations. Voting allows you to advocate for topics that are important to you, such as public transportation, raising the minimum wage, and funding local schools. Take the time to help decide what’s best in your life.

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Voting is an opportunity

Do you want to make a difference? You get that chance by voting! Support candidates and ballot initiatives that will benefit your community, state, and even the country. Make your vote count in the upcoming elections.

It’s your money

Do you know how your taxes are spent? The majority of people are unaware of this. Voting gives you the opportunity to direct how your tax funds are spent, such as on health-care and social-services financing.

The community depends on us!

Importance of voting in the Philippines Friends, loved ones, neighbors, and children make up our communities. Some people may be unaware of the importance of voting, while others may not have the opportunity.

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Decide to vote for yourself and those you care about. We all know that vote-buying is rampant nowadays since everyone wants to have a position in the government. But keep in mind that we deserve what we tolerate. There’s a domino effect in every action that we make. That’s why we must use our minds to choose who will lead the Philippines in the right way.

Our country’s Presidential elections have just concluded and no official results have been announced. However, the polls already show the front-runner.

The question is, have you voted? Do you think you have made the right choice? Because that choice will decide the future of not only you but the entire nation in the next coming years. Let’s just all hope what the majority has decided is in the right path.

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