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2022 Philippine Elections and the Anxiety of Filipinos

2022 Philippine Elections and the Anxiety of Filipinos

As the 2022 Philippine Election heads to the counting of votes, the citizens dealt with their election anxiety.

In this year’s election, the country witnessed the most intense political battle. Citizens have become more politically engaged as seen from their outbursts at every rally and post on social media platforms.

Election rematch between Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos Jr.

The election got so controversial because the people stand in the midst of a potential rematch between Leni and BBM. Their political rivalry sparked when Leni copped a come-from-behind victory in the race for the vice presidency in 2016.

Dazzling with the colors pink and red, the Filipinos exerted their efforts to be part of their candidate’s campaign rallies. As the election day takes place, each citizen sets their mood with campaign chants such as “Ang President Bise Presidente” of Gab Valenciano or the famed chants of Andrew E for BBM.

Due to the prevalence of misinformation, campaign anomalies add up to the anxiety of the people. Looking back, Bongbong Marcos and his team filed for a recount in the 2016 Philippine Election, assuming that the fight showed hints of electoral manipulation. Because of that, the majority of the Tweets and Facebook posts include the hashtag #WalangMatutulog.

The feud between Kakampinks and BBM Supporters

Even during the voting process, netizens shares that they reached the peak of their anxiety, making their hands shaky while shading for their candidates. We can safely assume that the citizens especially the youth in this present era are much more vocal towards their campaign advocacies for the country. Aside from that, the political rivalry between Robredo and Marcos divided the people and developed a feud.

The election suddenly became a competition not just between the political candidates but also between the people who supports them. It is evident that both Kakampinks and BBM Supporters hope to have their political party dominate. Having the thoughts of the opposition winning the race stresses their sanity which makes them fondly monitor the counting of votes.

To feel anxious in the midst of the 2022 Philippine Election is inevitable. However, whatever the final results may be, the citizen of the Philippines must continue to uphold solidarity for the country. If anomalies rise in the future, the truth that the people carried out during this period must be able to eradicate for the sake of the country.

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