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How to deal with election anxiety and stress

How to deal with election anxiety and stress

From the election campaign until now, it is indeed stressful for us Filipinos. It is our responsibility to pick which candidate is best for our country—someone who has the best intentions. With the list of candidates, it’s Sophie’s choice.

If you are experiencing anxiety and stress about the election, that only means you care for your country. You know the importance of the government and you have something to fight for—a fight that requires you to be strong and be ready for overwhelming emotions.

So if you are one of the people who are anxious because of the election, we got you. 

Don’t feel guilty for demanding time for yourself too. It is hard enough to hope for good governance; allow yourself to take good care of your mental health. 

Tips on dealing with anxiety and stress

1. Social Media Detox

Since the election is over, it is best to minimize your screen time and stay away from your social media accounts. You already did your job. You are done voting. Now, the next step is to wait for the official result. If you have the means to deactivate all your social media accounts, do it. Because lately, all the unnecessary noise can be seen in your feed. Peace is a choice. 

2. Talk to someone who understands

If one of your friends is exhausted with the unofficial results, listen to their rants. Listen with an open mind. You have to understand their situation. They are frustrated for a reason.

However, if you are the one who needs someone to listen to, find a friend. Reconnect with your trustworthy support system. It takes two people to tango. 

Face your emotions because there are people outside your room that are willing to listen and help you overcome them. 

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3. Direct your energy into something that could bring serenity

When we say direct your energy, it doesn’t mean to numb or disregard your anxiety and stress. Instead, you might want to vent all your feelings in your diary or notes. Watch a movie, turn up the volume of your favorite playlist, or write something that could ease your troubles. Nevertheless, don’t forget to continue showing up for your responsibilities. I know it’s hard but we should all move on.

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Real courage is when you can finally master handling your emotions. You have to think of something and do something that can keep your mind at peace.  

If none of these things worked out, seek the help of the professionals. There are communities and volunteers out there that can give professional advice. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your stress and anxiety.

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