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We only live once, but what if?

We only live once, but what if?

Others often tell us that our lives are precious, and they should not go down the drain. Our lives have to be spent well, be enjoyed as what most people totally suppose. For if we meet our inevitable desolation in life, by then the fear, pain, and regrets can no longer scare us. But what if we all are wrong? What if all this time, that very concept of having only one life turned out to be fallacious? What if every one of us is granted several lives to spend to however we like? And these, everyone, are my what-ifs?

Life is short, or is it?

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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” as famously said by Mae West. But by what standards does it mean to do it right? By doing good and being a law-abiding citizen? Or maybe by doing the things you want to do with your life, regardless of what people may say? It is quite confusing for we, as humans, really have no standards to which we can oblige as to how our lives should be spent.

They say life is short. And as our natural instinct for survival, we often spend it with uttermost care, or we live it to the fullest. As obvious as it seems, it truly is one or the other. They say that “time flies when you are having fun,” and I believe everyone can attest to this. We do not really mind the passage of time whenever we are out there spending our lives to the fullest, for happiness is what we all care about. But what if those people who say that life is short are the same people who live it to the fullest? Is life really short? What if?

We only live once, or do we?

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Are we like cats that are rumored to be granted seven lives? Obviously, we are not. We only live once, thus we only die once. With all the things happening around us, which mostly killed a part of us in some ways, why do we still get to live? Emotional death and spiritual death are just some of the deaths I experienced in my life. And I believe that others did as well. And that very unfortunate tragedy made me question myself. Do we really only live and die once? With tragic deaths that occurred, why am I still living when I know that I have died several times from within.

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Pain and regrets no longer scare me if ever my life is at the end of its line. Maybe it is because I lived my life to the fullest? Or maybe I already died and now this is my second attempt to do my life right? But what if I was never even alive, to begin with?

Again, we only live once, or so we thought.

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