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All About Cats: Why You Should Adopt Stray and Non-Pedigree Cats

All About Cats: Why You Should Adopt Stray and Non-Pedigree Cats


Cats are a common sight in our daily lives, as they can be found in our homes or roaming around the streets.

Despite the fact that the number of pet owners in the Philippines is steadily increasing, the number of stray cats remains alarmingly high.

Stray cats, particularly those without identifiable breeds, are frequently ignored and deemed unworthy of care and a home.

When in fact, regardless of breed or color, all of our furry friends deserve the same treatment.

They are deserving of a loving home.

It’s time to put these common misconceptions and prejudices about our stray feline friends to rest.

See how pawsome they are and why you should adopt one.

They are Low Maintenance

Non-breed cats are commonly referred to as Puspin, which is a shortened form for Pusang Pinoy.

Puspins also are classified as Domestic Short Hair (DSH), House Cat Shorthair (HCS), and Shorthair Household Pet.

These are all because they have naturally short coats, grooming them is less expensive.

Also, due to their genetic diversity, you can also save money on vet visits. Puspins are less likely to have health issues because they are a hybrid of several breeds.

Because they have a gene pool of two or more, their genes that cause health conditions can be effectively ruled out.

However, just because they are low maintenance does not mean they don’t deserve to receive the best that their owner has to offer.

We’ve heard many derogatory slurs like, “Wala naman ‘yang breed, bakit mo pa inii-spoil?”

To respond to these, breeds do not define their value, and they deserve everything as much as purebred ones do.

They are Excellent Stress Relievers

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While mixed-breed cats can be unpredictable, they are generally affectionate.

They have the ability to effectively lift our spirits when we are down.

Their presence will be enough motivation in life, and you’ll be reminded of how rewarding it is to have provided shelter for these beautiful creatures.

They are Beautiful

Photo Courtesy: Rencel Carmen

Purebred cats have distinct physical characteristics that most pet owners prefer.

Mixed-breeds, on the other hand, are equally beautiful and they have a broader selection of colors, patterns, and styles.

But, beyond appearances, all of them are beautiful, including stray and non-pedigree cats, as long as they meet equally beautiful owners who will love and care for them.

You are Helping Stop Kitten Mills

Photo Courtesy: Midwest Vet Centre

Kitten mills are breeding facilities for purebred cats that are meant to be eventually sold.

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Cats in these mills do not have much freedom as they live in confined spaces with other cats and do not receive the best medical care.

They are only intended to produce pedigree cats until they are unable to do so any longer.

Adopting domestic and stray cats, on the other hand, will go a long way toward putting an end to this abuse.

Not only will you get a pet for free, but you’ll be making a contribution to a very important cause.

You are Saving Lives

Photo Courtesy: Paws4ever

Stray cats are the most in need of love and a home, and you can save their lives by taking them in.

Adopting a cat not only saves one or two but a lot more lives.

As you adopt cats from adoption homes, you make more room for stray cats to be taken in.

And it’s truly amazing to be able to give them a better chance in life.

Don’t be intimidated by the toxic standards of only adopting purebred cats.

Cats should be adored, not bragged about. They are not trophies, but rather life companions.

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