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Best Trail Foods to Bring for Hiking

Best Trail Foods to Bring for Hiking

With all the ideal hiking spots and the health benefit it gives, it’s no surprise that more people are becoming invested to hiking. In the first place, who would have thought that sleepy towns like Antipolo and Tanay in Rizal will eventually be known for their mountains? Or provinces like Batangas and Zambales, which are often regarded for their beaches, will eventually become people’s day hike spots among hikers?

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Hiking offers great benefits may it be physically or mentally. But conquering a mountain requires a proper preparation. It is because you have to be ready in all aspects, especially, in physical one. And one way to do that is to meticulously prepare for the food you’ll be bringing on the hike. And here are some foods you can bring for hiking.

Banana Chips

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Banana chips contain plenty of fiber, potassium, and iron that can help you stay energized during your hike. You can also mix it with other dried fruits or nuts for a healthier snack.


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Aside from being a great source of protein, tuna also has Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B-12 which both help in longevity and digestion. But moderation is still necessary as canned tuna may also contain mercury, an element that can be dangerous in consumed in large amounts.

Trail Mix

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Trail mix is literally just a mix of various kinds of nuts, dried fruits, and sometimes chocolate, meant to be taken along during hikes. It became a popular hiking snack because it carries every nutrient you need in one convenient pack.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Hard-boiled eggs are also popular snacks during hiking. They are known for their high-protein content and other important nutrients such as Vitamin A and D, Phosphorus, and Zinc, among others.

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Water should always be part of your hiking must-haves. But a delicious way to rehydrate during a climb is by eating jelly instead. Jellies serve as a fun snack for kids, but at the same time, they can also quench your thirst because of their water content. Aside from this, the sugar in jellies also serves as an energy booster that can keep you going.

Food can either make or break your hike. So, if you’re not sure of what to bring in your hike, then consider these ones.

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