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Eplayment joins 5th VP Choice Awards as major sponsor

Eplayment joins 5th VP Choice Awards as major sponsor

To uphold their value for the entertainment and content creation industry, Eplayment unites with Village Pipol Choice Awards (VPCA) in its 5th year, as a major sponsor for the red carpet in May.

The fintech company considers their partnership with the most followed and engaged award-giving body as a part of their commitment to recognizing the talent and excellence of the artists, considering the VPCA categories for the entertainment industry. Eplayment also believes that joining the 5th year of VPCA is an opportunity to celebrate and support the local entertainment and content creation space, aligned with their visions as a company.

They especially highlighted the parallel objectives of the company and the most anticipated red carpet of the year in terms of establishing avenues that connect fans and supporters to the artists and content creators in the entertainment scene. Moreover, Eplayment recognizes the significance of doing such to consistently elevate the experience not only of the fans but also the artists by giving them the opportunity to closely engage with their supporters.

Meanwhile, the fintech company expressed their excitement on this collaboration, following the success of VPCA in the previous years, gaining 110 million plus engagement and reach. The company also asserted the thrill they find to witness the recognition of the brightest stars and brands that won the hearts of the Pipol in this year’s grand event.

The game Eplayment plays

From its early beginnings in 2019, Eplayment has consistently reached miles as a fintech company, providing opportunities for talented individuals in the content creation scene. The company continues to simplify the complex digital space of creators and their supporters, allowing both segments to experience the fullest potential of fintech and entertainment combined.

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As a digital wallet and creator aggregator platform, Eplayment aims and builds ways to make financial transactions of its users fun, easy, and secure, which pushes forward benefits for their earning potential through their talents. The fintech company also introduced PIXEL, a suite for content creators, artists, and organizations that aligns with their goals for the content creation scene.

Moreover, Eplayment eyes to consistently improve their fintech services, respond to the community’s demands, and allow both its users and creators to elevate their experiences and maximize the potential of using their platforms. They also aim to become a home to more content creators and expand its more than 1,500 talented individuals.

Meanwhile, the fintech company is thrilled to join the 5th VPCA, which they consider impactful and relevant to various industries, including entertainment, which fits their nature as a company. Eplayment looks forward to becoming part of it and anticipates having an even better and more far-reaching awards night this May.

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