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Happy Fathers’ Day — to your fathers at least!

Happy Fathers’ Day — to your fathers at least!

Every third Sunday of the month of June, Father’s Day is observed in the Philippines. And this year 2022, it falls on the 22nd. On this day, in honor of all the fathers and fatherly figures with all their efforts, everyone thanks them.

For all the things they did, and all the things they will do, there are things we can surely learn from them. Be it good or bad (hopefully not), their actions either draw stars or leave scars in our minds and in our hearts. And others thank them for that. But what about those who got no one to be grateful for? Those who grew up never experiencing the love a father could provide? Those who never saw and felt their dads being one? What about them? Us?

Growing up without one

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“Happy Father’s Day, Papa!”

These are the words one would probably use to greet his or her father during Father’s Day. And sometimes, hugs, kisses, or gifts from those who can afford some come with this simple greeting. I bet it feels good? No. It does feel good. Being able to do it all for your dad surely feels ecstatic.

It is just that I, like the others, neither experienced hugging my father during this special day nor on any other regular days. Never in the past, and probably never again in my life – as long as I am alive, at the very least.

Like me, there are others who grew up without a father. Either they never felt the need to become one, or they just never showed up. Or it could be because they are gone – to a place we could never tell or to others and then dwell. But the bottom line is that they never showed up and even stood us up.

Who should we be thankful for, then?

Father's Day
Photo by Larry Crayton on Unsplash

Growing up without a father, it is a natural response of a child to look for someone whom he or she thinks is a perfect father figure. And it could be anyone else, even our own mothers could be seen as father figures. Anyone who serves as an emotional substitute for a dad, we can thank during Father’s Day. Only if you want to, and only if you need to.

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Despite having no biological father to look up to as one grows up, one can still celebrate Father’s Day. With someone who served as one for them, then go on.

Happy Father’s Day!

I may not be able to say it directly to my father, but that is alright. For this greetings are now for my mother, to other’s fatherly figures, and to all the fathers out there!

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