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Venturing Mt. Tapulao — Zambales’ Highest Peak

Venturing Mt. Tapulao — Zambales’ Highest Peak

Are you getting used to the vibes the beach gives you? Do you want to try something new for your next outdoor adventure? Or do you just want to feel being one with nature and witness its glory? Worry no more, as Mount Tapulao will surely pique your interest as well!

Aside from it being recognized for producing one of the sweetest mangoes. And besides its famous coastline, Zambales still has a lot more to offer. One of its go-to places to visit is Mount Tapulao – Zambales’ highest peak. This mountain up until its very peak rises to a total elevation of 2,037 meters above sea level (masl). Its high elevation makes it one of the tallest mountains in the Zambales mountain range.

Where is it located?

This famous mountain is located on Brgy Dampay-Salaza, Palauig, Zambales. It is one of the famous tourist destinations in the said small town. It is open for the general public to venture, as long as one does it with permission. Its name Tapulao means pine tree in the local dialect. Due to the pine trees present along the way to the mountain top, its name is an appropriate one for what it offers.

What makes this mountain special?

Photo by Ralph Allen A. Dee

Well, aside from its elevation, hiking this mountain possesses the same feeling and experience as hiking Mt. Pulag. Not because of the low temperature, but because of the pine trees one could observe along the track. Aside from that, surely one could not easily forget the trail of this mountain.

Photo grabbed from Ralph Allen A. Dee’s Facebook Page (

The hike is associated with the kilometers walked, as it starts from Km. 1 and extends to Km. 18 (Tapulao’s summit). Through this hike, there are water sources along the way – or more known as bukal as the locals call it. And on Km. 16 (Campsite) is where the hikers would spend and set up their tents, lit up a bonfire, and spend the rest of the night freezing in cold. Being the highest point in Zambales, the temperature there is no joke, especially at night. Even at noon time, you could not really feel the heat of the sun – as if the cold throughout the day and night embraces you.

What is it like on the mountain top?

Before reaching the summit, you would need to go through the Mossy Forest, and it is an hour-long of walking and hiking.

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On the mountain top, the best thing this hike offers is at. On its peak, there lies the famous “World Tree.” The peak does not provide much of a view because of the sea of leaves as trees continue to thrive in the peak. However, at the campsite, the sea of clouds greets you!

Photo by Ralph Allen A. Dee

If you plan to visit this pride of Palauig, and of Zambales soon, coordinate with the local government unit first. You need to be physically and mentally prepared for what this mountain and the hike offer. And whenever you are ready, then “Come what may!”

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