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Watch and Learn: List of Filipino YouTube Kids Channels

Watch and Learn: List of Filipino YouTube Kids Channels

Different generations learn through different styles, and teaching the next ages calls for using gadgets and the internet. Thus, succeeding generations prefer new learning tools and are more sociable in figuring things out; they are more dependent on watching, reading, and listening by means of technology.

In the Philippine setting—with one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world—students and new learners at home are required to have their classes online. Filipinos’ education for the past two years of the pandemic has relied on using social media and online learning apps. 

Watch and Learn: List of Filipino YouTube Kids Channels

Here’s a list of Filipino YouTube Kids channels, this can help you find more sources or additional content for your references whether you’re a teacher looking for creative presentations for students to watch, or a parent guiding at-home online classes.

Choose or you can visit all of them

Pambata TV

This channel features a variety of colorful Filipino children’s music. Pambata TV intends to teach children aged two (2) to nine (9) years old. Also, this channel aims for children to improve their knowledge and learn in their own unique style through music.


This channel is almost like a whole lesson plan for reading subject. BasaBata gives free lessons to anyone who wants to learn, this channel offers compilations of reading steps and exercises to help enhance vocabulary through videos. Also, it teaches exclusive Filipino polite and respectful words as well. 

Batibot TV

This channel is one of the original children’s shows in the Philippines. It is an educational show with various clips of songs, animations, and stories. Previously, this channel is from a Filipino version of an American show, that exhibited dance, song, and role-playing with puppet characters.

Filipino Fairy Tales

Filipino Fairy Tales is an ideal channel to visit. It teaches Filipino culture as it shows a variety of fairy tales and other Filipino folklores. Similar to the booklets and pamphlets before, it is a compilation of magical and creative stories that would get a child’s attention.

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Flexy Bear

Next, Flexy Bear is a YouTube Kids channel dedicated to Filipino kids and kids at heart. Just like the other shows, it regularly teaches nursery songs, but what’s unique in this channel is the characters. Flexy Bear has animal characters which interact with human illustrations through songs.

ROBIEKidsTV or Robie317

Last but not least, these channels include moving drawings with kid-friendly animations. Robie317 videos include Filipino songs and learning videos. While ROBIEKidsTV is a corresponding channel that shows English versions of Filipino songs and lessons from Robie317.

Teaching and learning in modern generation feels like a quick shift from traditional to digital, especially with the effects of the pandemic. We should maximize our tools and knowledge to help the young and starting ones.

Let’s all watch and learn!

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