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How can parents help kids adjust with several tasks from online class

How can parents help kids adjust with several tasks from online class

Many netizens expressed their sympathy for those parents and students who are having a hard time coping with distance learning.  An example is a Grade 9 public school student in Cavite who was crying in the middle of the night. This is just three days after the class opening last week.

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Overwhelming stress because of modules and deadlines

Her mother, Lolit Arasola, expressed deep concern for her daughter. She had no idea why she was crying. But after a while, she learned that her daughter needs to finish within a week three weeks’ worth of homework for her entrepreneurship class. Arasola added that her daughter was afraid she would not be able to finish her requirements in time for collection the next day, or that the teacher would not accept them.”

Arasola’s daughter is just one of the millions of students who feel tired and anxious under the new system of online learning. Her daily schedule starts from 7 AM but does not end until evening because she needs to finish her modules. There is time that she skips meals just to keep up with the next-day submission.

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Lolit Arasola is just a mother who’s afraid that her child might commit suicide just like the student in the news did. After the teacher rejected his incomplete module, the student decided to take his own life.

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Even Education Secretary Leonor Briones herself acknowledged the issue with the new learning system. She told the public they were working with mental health professionals to come up with solutions.

Parents can do small things to support their kids in coping with online class

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In the meantime, there’s are things that can parent can help their children adjust. Here are some ways they can show support:

Being mindful of kid’s needs and habits

Parents must first comprehend what their children need for their studies in order to help them. As libraries remain closed, students need Internet access to do research and projects. They can also use it to interact with their friends and teacher to minimize loneliness. This means parents can just set a reasonable time limit for online hours based on these needs.

Pay close attention to their kid’s behavior for sudden changes

The online learning set-up causes more stress for students as they face heavier workloads, faster time limits for quizzes and exams, and even internet connectivity issues. Not to add they can no longer see their friends and teachers in person.

The stress from that can show in a lot of ways so parents should be attentive. It can be them staying up late for no apparent reason. Some would prefer isolation from family and friends. There are children who would not eat at proper times.

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Parents can help by staying beside their kids when they are doing school works and other tasks. By doing that, they can provide emotional and mental support to ease their stress.

Remind their kids about discipline and balance

Parents can start setting boundaries for their kids so they won’t sacrifice their health for grades. One was is making a daily plan so the students can stay on track with their activities. If they were able to perform well, they can give small rewards like extra time for gadgets or some sweets.

Each situation is different so there’s no general rule for this. One thing is clear, parents’ love and support during these times can go a long way for kids.

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