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Module or Online Mode: Students are Drained Either Way

Module or Online Mode: Students are Drained Either Way

The pandemic has startled everyone in the first few months of 2020. Everything shifted, and its effects do not exempt the students. Education must continue whatever happens. In this way, students may choose to continue learning through module or online mode.

After a whole academic year with the new learning arrangement, students get left with no other choice but only to pass the school year, even if they’re not learning much. Students who are taking classes with the new set – up share how this has affected their mental health and their personal lives.

Students’ Sentiments Amidst the New Set-Up

Eunice Eurescial, an incoming 3rd year high school student, says that the current set – up has led her to experience more stress compared to when she was at school. “Pareho pong mahirap [module and online mode]. Hindi rin po masyado makapag – aral kasi kailangan rin po mag – asikaso sa bahay.” Eurescial says.

Eurescial juggles her responsibilities as a student and her duties in their household simultaneously. With both working parents, she is also responsible for guiding her younger sibling with his academic requirements being the eldest in the family. On top of that, she helps manage their family’s vegetable stand every day.

With no capable guardian to help her with the modules, Einsley Belarmino, a Grade 2 student, had to drop out of her classes. Pre–pandemic, she was the class’ top student. But with her guardian being illiterate, they decided to put her studies to a halt.

For Jalen Dimabayao, a Grade 3 student, he shares how much he is learning and what changed during this arrangement. “Konti lang po [natututunan]. ‘Di na po ako nakakapaglaro”, he shares. With the lack of interaction with his friends, he became too engrossed with online games that his parents already scheduled his use of gadgets.

Module and Online Exhausts Students

According to these students, either module or online mode is not effective. They only do the activities to comply with the requirements. Some modules only contain workbooks without any lessons to learn from. However, the online set-up, makes their days more tiresome due to an unhealthy learning environment and other personal setbacks.

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Despite the students being given choices on how to continue their education, students call for the same sentiments – It is draining.

Upcoming Face-to-Face Set-up

Meanwhile, some schools already started conducting face-to-face classes as the COVID cases declined and most people already received their vaccines. With this, the only trouble left would be jumping back from their unhealthy routine and go back to the usual learning setup.

How long can students adjust back to the previous set–up after being mentally drained throughout the past school year?

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