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5 Educational YouTube Channels To Help Teachers With Online Classes

5 Educational YouTube Channels To Help Teachers With Online Classes

HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY, Teachers of Today! Due to COVID-19, everyone has to remain confined in their own homes. This includes teachers who have to work and students who have to learn. The Philippines alone has six million students who enrolled for this school year. Of course, online classes remain such a hard thing for teachers (and students) to adjust to.

It was already difficult to mold a young one’s mind for greatness inside a classroom. Now, teachers have to do it through a computer screen. Aside from a clear webcam, an audible microphone, and a stable Wi-Fi connection, a teacher also has to give into strenuous and formidable demands as we shift everything to online.

So, here are five educational YouTube channels to help ‘Teachers of Today’ with online classes:

Bayanihan e-Skwela

The Office of Vice President Leni Robredo dedicates Bayanihan e-Skwela to help teachers, parents, and students in the shift to distance-learning, amid the COVID-19 in the country. The channel also includes videos that provide insights from academic experts themselves on the changes in the education system under the new normal. This also includes approaches, techniques, and other tips for assisting students in different grade levels’ online classes.

Online Doktora

“Dok Anna” is a registered nurse, medical doctor, and a master of public health. She dedicates her Youtube channel – Online Doktora – to whoever may need it. Dok Anna, on the other hand, features simple and evidence-based health tips, cure, and remedy. Biology and also related courses can use her videos for their online classes.

21st Century Teacher

With a vision to make education as free as possible, the people behind 21st Century Teacher posts free learning materials online for other teachers, parents, and/or guardians to use. Although they sometimes use animated visuals for online classes, they started to feature recordings of teachers giving actual classes. They also hold webinars to try and help teachers in coping with the new normal.

Team Lyqa

Lyqa Maravilla is a registered psychometrician, an online educator, a motivational speaker, and an author. After topping the 2013 Civil Service Exam, she started making free content on her YouTube channel – Team Lyqa. Of course, she does this to help people pass aptitude exams like Civil Service Exam, Licensure Exam for Teachers, and even college entrance exams.

PBEd Vlogs

In response to the need for consensus and sustained advocacy in education reform, the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) opened up their Youtube channel – PBEd Vlogs – to share key directions and to initiate and lead the actions towards those directions. They also feature videos from teachers like Ryan Cunanan and Neriza Concepcion among others.

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