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Korean mukbang YouTubers you must add to your subscriptions

Korean mukbang YouTubers you must add to your subscriptions

Mukbang simply means ‘eating’ (meokneun) and ‘broadcast’ (bangsong). It is an originated word from South Korea. Mukbangers, as the YouTubers who do this are called, film themselves while eating large amounts of food.

Moreover, mukbang has been dominating the internet, especially the world of YouTube. It attracts thousands and millions of views, probably because it brings a satisfying feeling and entertainment to the viewers, especially, when you love to eat.

So, I’ve listed down some Korean Mukbangers that you can add to your subscriptions on YouTube.

1. Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi is a Korean-American ASMR Mukbang Youtuber.

In his mukbang videos, you’ll observe how meticulous and detailed he is in eating, since he’s also doing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) in his show.

ASMR is an activity of producing relaxing or tingly sounds. His famous uploads gained over 77 million views. Meanwhile, he has collaborated with other YouTubers like Stephanie Soo, Trisha Paytas and Nikocado Avocado in the past.

Currently, he has over 12.7 million subscribers.

2. 푸메Fume

In her mukbang videos, Fume is famous for eating the spiciest of foods.

One of her videos went viral when she accepted the challenge of eating the spiciest chicken and cup noodles in the world.

Her video of eating the spiciest chips in the world also got traction. Currently, she has garnered over 4.18 million subscribers and 456 videos uploaded on her channel.

3. Eat with Boki

Boki is famous for eating food in one bite. In her mukbang videos, she showcases this skill which viewers find appetizing.

Most of her videos are drool-worthy and enjoyable. Furthermore, her English subtitles are like her way to talk to viewers. She narrates what she feels while eating, which make her shows interactive and unique. She currently has over 6.36 million subscribers and 411 videos uploaded.

4.  [햄지]Hamzy

Hamzy’s mukbang videos are certainly mouth-watering. She cooks the food she eats, filiming all its processes. She has over 7.28 million subscribers.

5. KyoKwang TV

Aside from mukbang videos, Kyo Kwang also uploads ASMR and his daily life on his YouTube Channel. His pleasing personality and bright mood attract viewers. Moreover, he loves eating chicken. Now, he has over 3.19 million subscribers and more than 710 million views.

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Enjoy watching!

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