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Edutainment: Youtube channels that will spark your curiosity

Edutainment: Youtube channels that will spark your curiosity

Beyond the music, famous vloggers, and gaming videos that you can watch on Youtube, is a treasure that can make the platform worthwhile to use.  Youtube has a lot more to offer, you will discover channels that are not only entertaining but educational as well.

There are remarkable channels and creators to teach you several topics that will surely spark your curiosity and expand your understanding of the world. 

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Learning in a traditional way can be a boring, tedious endeavor for others. However, with the emergence of technology, you can learn just by watching a video. This is one of the effective ways to discover new ideas and learn something new in a quick and fun manner. 

The following youtube channels feature informative content that will make your learning experience exciting. 


What if everyone jumped as one? How earth moves? Vsauce has an answer to these unusual questions that leads to a more entertaining and informative discussion. As you watch this channel and investigate quite long enough, a seemingly silly question will lead to the discovery of an answer that you were not expecting. 

Michael Steven is the host of this channel where he explores bizarre questions that touch on scientific, psychological, mathematical, philosophical, and other general matters. Also, Vsauce discusses the unexplored subjects that might leave you puzzled and will provoke your thoughts. 


With over 13 million subscribers, Crash course is indeed a successful channel with the aim to provide high-quality educational videos for free to everyone. In addition, It incorporates a combination of descriptive illustrations, humor, and eye-pleasing animations to keep you informed and entertained

This channel produces a myriad of courses such as physics, astronomy, economics, government, politics,  history, chemistry, ecology, literature, computer science, and many more. If you’re a high school or a college student, this channel will help you with a particular academic subject.    

Big think

Big think is a learning educational channel offering useful video insights from the world’s biggest thinkers, experts, and innovators. With thousands of interviews featuring prominent individuals such as Bill Clinton to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the channel encourages its viewers to explore better ways to live, work and understand our ever-changing world. 

This channel exhibits strong credibility that produces wise and unbiased viewpoints. With Big think, you can get various insights from the world’s leading thinkers across all fields or subjects. Besides, it aims to introduce big ideas and valuable skills that you can utilize in real life. 

TED talks

An acronym TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Ted talks hosts conferences and features experts conducting a speech on various fields for a least 18 minutes. It also offers subjects about science, global issues, business, medicine, and more. More than that, the speakers deliver compelling and deep ideas that will encourage you to think critically.

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The TED talks channel has garnered over 21 million subscribers. So if you’re finding new ways to learn and expand your thinking, you can tune in to this channel. Each presentation is meant to impart, entertain and challenge you to think about things in a logical and creative manner.


Kurzgesagt is another education channel that teaches its viewers using colorful animations along with its educational narrative. This channel provides quality bite-sized lessons tackling difficult topics in a simple and concise manner. In addition, Kurzgesagt consists of subject playlists including the Existential Crisis, The Universe and Space stuff, Futurism, Biology, Science, and other stuff. 

Each content is backed up by scientific journals and research papers to ensure that it is trustworthy. This channel makes an effort to explain things that are worth telling. Also, it is excellent in making its video easy to digest In a nutshell, Kurgezagt offers a better way to learn something without you feeling bored and unsatisfied.

With so many educational YouTube channels out there for you to choose from, don’t miss the opportunity to learn new things in an engaging and enjoyable way.

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