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Spotify Celebrates Valentine’s with #ParinigMoWithSpotify

Spotify Celebrates Valentine’s with #ParinigMoWithSpotify

Can you hear that? It’s the crooning of love songs! Whether you’re in love or not, you’re not safe to the hands of music and audio. Catch a feeling, put on your headphones and tune in to Spotify!

As every Pinoy’s audio-jowa, Spotify launches #ParinigMoWithSpotify to celebrate Valentine’s. The campaign unveils an all-new Pag-ibig Hub, and a fresh slate of audio playlists packed with hugot tracks and podcasts. In collaboration with Pinoy creators, the leading audio platform also launches more than 50 special podcast episodes discussing modern pag-ibig trends. Among these Pinoy creators and podcasts are: Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, Skypodcast, Hugot Marcelo, Payaman Insider, Zack Tabudlo, and many more.

The launching event, held in The Mess Hall, Magallanes, Makati, also featured a panel discussion from Pinoy creators: Zack Tabudlo, Antoinette Jadaone, J.P. Habac, and Riyan Portugez. Spotify’s Southeast Asia Head of Studio, Carl Zuzarte, also joined the group, while Inka Magnaye moderated the conversation.

More Features from Spotify

Aside from the dozens new episodes from podcasts about love, #ParinigMoWithSpotify also highlights the platform’s ability to share lyrics. When you don’t know how to put your feelings into words, there are certainly songs out there that encapsulate what you feel! And Spotify’s share feature has always been there to let you quote lyrics and make ‘parinig’ to your crush.

The Q&A and Polls feature could also be of help this coming season of hearts. Podcasts could now be more interactive, allowing creators to ask questions and put up polls for their listeners. Seeking love advice? It’s easier now that you could be more in touch with the podcasts you listen to.

And did you know that there are video podcasts in Spotify too?  Launched last year, the feature aims to form deeper and more intimate connection between creators and listeners. With this, the platform offers fans flexibility—to consume contents as video or audio. On Spotify, users can alternate between active watching (with video in foreground) and lean-back listening (video in background). Now everyone can now enjoy their favorite episodes wherever they are, in any scenario!

Charts and Statistics

Carl Zuzarte, Spotify’s Southeast Asia Head of Studio, discusses the statistics behind the platform’s connection with the Filipinos. Photo taken by Apple Claire Benito.

Song charts are not the only charts in Spotify! Carl Zuzarte, Spotify’s Southeast Asia Head of Studio, also shared the growing engagement and connection of Pinoys to the platform, through charts and statistics. Zuzarte reveals that 80% of Filipinos recognize the importance of audio in experiencing love. In fact, there are almost four million love playlists created in the Philippines to date. Needless to say, Spotify has been a vital tool for us to express what’s in our hearts.

Data also shows that more than 50% of us consider audio as our sound therapy, which makes us feel better when going through a rough season in love. Meanwhile, more than 40% says that platforms like Spotify provide a range of content to help them express and connect better with feelings. We are seeing it on the platform, itself: love and relationship is the top podcast genre in the Philippines. Among the top podcasts listened to are Barangay Love Stories, Dear MOR: The Podcast, Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, The Comfort Room and Boiling Waters PH.

These numbers prove that Spotify is really our audio-jowa. With this notion, the Pag-ibig Hub of #ParinigMoWithSpotify will prove to be a huge treat for Pinoys. With dozens of special podcasts about love from Filipino Creators, the cupids are really out there in the wind!

L-R: Inka Magnaye, Riyan Portugez, Zack Tabudlo, Carl Zuzarte, Antoinette Jadaone and JP Habac, in the panel discussion. Photo taken by Apple Claire Benito.

The launching’s panel discussion gave way to highlight a lot of current love trends from the Filipinos. At the same time, it also showed how Spotify gives spotlight to these scenarios and trends. It mainly depicted the undying reliance of Filipinos to audio and music when it comes to expressing. The conversation was joined by different creators and there are certainly a lot of interesting outlooks and even personal experiences…

Antoinette Jadaone, renowned ‘hugot’ director and one of the creators of Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, thinks that Filipinos turn to audio when it comes to love because we are fond of music. “Filipinos love videoke, karaoke songs, and when we’re heartbroken or when we celebrate love, we usually celebrate it with music, or we talk about it with friends… One friend’s love problem is a whole barkada’s problem. I guess, that’s why podcasts about love and relationship thrive, because it’s a simulation of a barkada talking about your love problem.”

J.P. Habac, also a renowned director and co-creator of Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, shares that most of the topics they talk about in their podcast is love. They get their topics through letters sent by their listeners. A huge amount of those detail a different situations in a relationship, seeking advice. “Most of our listeners are in love with love and pain. Most stories are about falling in love with your bestfriend… I think it’s natural in the Philippines to fall in love with your bestfriend, because of Jolina and Marvin.”

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Riyan Portugez, a psychologist and Spotify creator of Kapwa Club Podcast, shares that music is a powerful tool to connect people—it is the language of our emotions. She highlights that even when we listen to songs with unfamiliar lyrics, we could still feel the vibe and emotions. “It actually alters our mood. It actually influences our behavior… We turn to music because we have this amazing capacity to synchronize our bodies to music. That’s why when we listen to music, there’s this feeling like we want to dance, or sometimes cry. It regulates us.”

An event ice-breaker that features one of Zack Tabudlo’s ‘parinig’ songs, Binibini. Photo taken by Apple Claire Benito.

On the other hand, Zack Tabudlo, top-charting recording artist, shares that it overwhelms him whenever people would use one of his songs as a ‘parinig’ to their special someone or as a dedication. “It’s really humbling and it’s very nice to kind of have that sense of pride in me that I could get to really have this platform, for them to reach to the people that they can’t and they’re too afraid to reach out to.”

The clique also talked about situationship as the most common theme or topic among their podcasts. Seemingly, it’s becoming a trend to the Pinoys right now.

Inka Magnaye shares her experiences about situationship. Photo taken by Apple Claire Benito.

Inka Magnaye, Creator of Spotify Exclusive, Sleeping Pill with Inka, shares that she also experience situationship. She details that the thing only lasted for about a month and half, but emotionally felt like five months. “I feel like, at that time, I wasn’t super into podcasts yet… Now that there are resources like your podcast [Riyan’s Kapwa Club Podcast], your podcast [Jadaone and Habac’s Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast], and your music [Zack Tabudlo], I feel likeI would have been able to digest it better… It helps you process these emotions when you have people like in this panel to discuss with.”

A platform that flourishes

Spotify continues to see creativity flourish on the audio platform. It’s not only a community for listeners but also for creators, as it is a two-way street. Both ends get an amazing satisfaction, like a relationship! It also doesn’t only cater people when it comes to song needs but also with emotional needs, through podcasts.

As the cherry on top of #ParinigMoWithSpotify, the platform will offer access to Premium for just ₱149 for four months. The promo is valid from 11 to 14 February for users who have not tried Premium.

Spotify has always been there for our ears for a long time now. Now, they are also here for our hearts! Whether alone or with special someone, celebrate your Valentine’s with the platforms newest offer.

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