Spotify plus Pinterest is my kind of therapy

If you ask me about what I do to relieve my stress and how I would take a break from draining social media activities, I would answer this: Spotify plus Pinterest. I love using social media, just minus the socialization. And, those things make up my online self-care.

Spotify plus Pinterest is my kind of therapy

In this generation, social media has become an essential. As a journalism student, I need to focus on the screen to look for current events and remain updated. I need to look for an interesting topic to write about and if it is a good platform to fight misinformation and debunk fake news.

However, social media (especially Facebook) drains me a lot. Suddenly, it has become toxic and I want to put myself away from negativities as a form of self-care. And, of course, I hope I’m not the only one doing this.

Not to mean it in a bad way, though. I just hope that there are people who enjoy doing the same thing – listening to Spotify while scrolling through the aesthetic photos on Pinterest.

Social media without the socials

Every now and then, I try to sign in to my accounts on other social media platforms for my academic requirements and just to check on what’s new. I was looking for social media spaces without seeing people that would give me backhanded compliments in the comment section.

I want to avoid people who keep on bothering me and my peace. I also want to filter things that overly consume my health. Spotify provides full albums of my favorite bands, without catching sight of fandoms fighting about who’s better.

Sometimes, I also prefer listening to calming virtual sounds like rain or rivers in forests. I also like listening to educational podcasts. It relaxes me and makes me safe from negativities.

I learn through visuals.

Since childhood, I have always learned more by seeing visuals or pictures. It bores me when I try to read full texts without visual aids or any illustration.

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On Pinterest, I can see everything I want and get related photos when I try to search for a topic that I want to learn about. Perfect lifestyle and luxury fashion brands are common in this app, setting unrealistic standards.

But, it touches off my eagerness to work hard and achieve what’s on the screen. It’s free and not draining; it allows me to save and file unlimited photos.

I started late and I think I always wanted to go back.

I grew up without exposure to social media and the internet until the last years of junior high school. My friends told me to make a Facebook account. Sometimes, I think of deleting my accounts to live like before. All the same, I’m still grateful to know about these things that introduced me to more knowledge, experiences, and opportunities.

We have different ways of taking breaks from the things that drain our overall health. If it’s okay for me to do it in this approach, it’s also valid if you want to do it in other ways. You can try healthier options like going for a walk or journaling.

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