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Local Indie Artists that should be included on your Spotify playlist

Local Indie Artists that should be included on your Spotify playlist

Do you want to spice up your Spotify playlist with our very own Original Pilipino Music? Here are three local indie artists/bands that you should include in your loop.

OPM aficionados are yet to discover the beauty of our local music. Munimuni, Shirebound & Busking, and Earl Generao are indie artists that should be included in your Spotify playlist. Without a doubt, their melodies and lyricisms will revolutionize the industry.-

The quirks within the indie scene

Indie artists orchestrate a world underneath the surface of mainstream media. Their financial and musical independence upholds their quirks as artists. These three OPM artists play a big part in improving the quality of our music industry through their respected genres.

Mainstream media artists usually conform to the demands of their commercial record labels and other subsidiaries like their fans. As a result, these affiliations come with their compliance to the trend that at times suppresses their musical freedom. On contrary, Indie artists can gracefully express their independence through the songs that they master.

Undoubtedly, music serves a vital part in people’s lives given that some of the songs emotionally connect with them and at times – speak their truth. With that, it is important to have a sense of curiosity in order to discover artists that can connect to your core.

“Makata pop” as introduced by indie artists Munimuni

If you’re into poetic lyricism about love and hope accompanied by folk sounds, Munimuni’s “makata pop” can be the band for you. Currently, Adj Jjao (guitar, vocals), John Owen Castro (flute, vocals), Jolo Ferrer (bass), and Josh Tumaliuan (drums) play the music of the indie-folk band.

Through their new genre, they managed to make a name for themselves in the OPM industry. Together with their fan base “Komunidad”, Munimuni thrived in the indie scene through their songs. Sayo, Sa Hindi Pag-alala, and Bawat Piyesa are the pieces that established the reputation of their band. As of the moment, Munimuni has 649, 864 monthly listeners on Spotify and 35.7k followers on Instagram.

Shirebound & Busking

Some would say that Iego Tan, the man behind Shirebound and Busking serves as the OPM Secondhand Serenade. However, unlike the foreign artist, Tan executes his music through his signature folk sounds. Even so, it is evident that both artists entail daunting heartbreaks, brokenness, and the confession of one’s love to another.

Listening to the songs of Shirebound & Busking can certainly mend and break your heart at the same time. After his debut gig with Wish Bus’ “The Roadshow” where he performed his originals such as “Pahintulot” and “Walts of Four Left Feet”, the singer-songwriter earned a reputation in the music industry.

From one indie production to another. With his poetic lines and folksy melody, he serenaded the viewers of the film “I’m Drunk, I Love You” through Pahintulot. Meanwhile, his Waltz of Four Left Feet which portrays the state of “ka-torpehan” was also used in the movie “Kuya Wes”.

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Obviously, the songs that the folk singer writes relate to the hopeless romantic within us. With his career continuing to prosper, Shirebound & Busking released his first debut full-length album “For Princesses, By Thieves O Mga Awit Ng Hiraya Para Sa Guni-Guning Sinta” last 2019. He now has 100,126 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Earl Generao

Aside from having a heart-warming Spotify playlist, listening to Earl Generao can uplift the aspiring songwriter in you. During his guesting on Net 25’s Letters and Music, he stated that he started writing songs in high school. With that, he stands as a hope for musicians that wants to venture the music industry whether on the mainstream or indie scene.

Generao emphasized that he idolize local artist Ebe Dancel and international artist Jason Mraz. Like these well-known artists, he assures that his love songs will be able to deliver the weight of their messages. Unquestionably, his songs should be included in your playlist. OPM aficionados noticeably loved his crafts after his originals such as Punas Luha managed to carve out 2,563,793 streams on Spotify while his Lunas had 2,121,262.

Munimuni, Shirebound & Busking, and Earl Generao show that Original Pilipino Music can reach the mountain top. Filipinos must dive deep into the depths of the industry so that underrated local artists can have the opportunity to share the limelight with mainstream artists.

Having these indie artists on your playlist will not just improve how you view music and its industry as a whole, your patronage can improve the standing of OPM.

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