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The Belly Talks: Decipher life with everybody else with this new podcast on Spotify

The Belly Talks: Decipher life with everybody else with this new podcast on Spotify

Publicly available on Spotify, The Belly Talks features some (un)heard thoughts of the universe. Angela Arreglado aka Belly, the aspiring host, is trying to decipher life just like everybody else. Through her podcast, she uses her beautiful voice and intellectual mind in the most positive thing that one can imagine.

Decipher life with everybody else with The Belly Talks!

Aside from the clean atmosphere and wildlife roaming around freely, COVID-19’s closure and quarantine gave us Belly’s podcast as another positive thing. When asked about what pushed her to do her own podcast, she answered something that involved the pandemic.

“The quarantine? Honestly. I haven’t thought of doing [a] podcast. I’ve thought of doing vlogging but I found myself  [feeling] uncomfortable [with] showing my face. Then, I discovered the beautiful world of podcasting! It’s a channel for me to freely speak about my thoughts.”


The first-ever episode: self-love.

Belly’s first episode revolved around self-love and some tips on how other people can achieve it. When asked why was it important for her to talk about self-love, she expressed how she wanted to discuss deeper thoughts about it. She also pointed out that it can be very subtly for some and wanted people to be able to dig deeper.

“I thought hard of what my first topic should be… and well during this quarantine, I think everybody has ample amount of time to think about themselves, and I’m no exemption— with only social media being my access to the outside world, it brews insecurities inside me and sometimes it gets out of hand. Like, I get to look inward and compare myself to the lavish lives of others.”

“And so, my first podcast was more of an address and reminders to myself hoping in some ways too, I get to address thoughts of those close to me. Or to some extent, those who could relate but have no guts to talk about these things. There can be people like me who can be out and about what we feel and think. But, there are also people who have built strong fronts but have these thoughts in their heads.”

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Body positivity.

Body positivity became a sub-topic in Belly’s first-ever episode. Personally, I think there are a lot of people suffering from self-hate that needs to hear these kinds of affirmation and acceptance from a stranger on the internet. For Belly, she admitted that it felt critical to somewhat share her thoughts on the topic.

“As you may have heard from my podcast, I tried to play with my words! But it does need to be addressed and we need to have this conversation. The constant back and forth between ‘Be happy about your body’ and ‘workout or lose pounds for yourself and not for others’— these are just some statements that I don’t feel convinced hearing. Like, you can’t just tell me these things… Tell me something different, in a different light. Paraphrase it in a way that I could think of it differently.”


Future episodes of The Belly Talks.

We get to hear more about Belly and her thoughts in future episodes of her podcast.

“I’d discuss more of the many thoughts we have in our heads but we’re too busy to address. I don’t take myself as an expert to be giving advice to people, I think self-love (as it’s a personal topic) is one of the few that I’d be sharing tips about. Future podcasts should stir conversations within oneself. I would love it if people can try to be more critical in some ways. Basically, overthinking but in a different light!”


Congratulations, Angela! We hope to hear more of your thoughts soon on The Belly Talks! 

All photos are a screenshot of The Belly Talks on Spotify. 

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