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Filipinos to Make the Most Out of Spotify’s Karaoke Mode

Filipinos to Make the Most Out of Spotify’s Karaoke Mode

Singing. This is like eating, sleeping, and even breathing for Filipinos. We love to sing – anytime, anywhere, and whoever we are with, we sing. That is why karaoke is so worth having in every Filipino household. When it is someone’s birthday, there’s karaoke. During weddings, there’s karaoke. When there is a family reunion, there is a karaoke or two. Aside from “Lumpia”, karaoke is another must-have in our celebration.

Fortunately, access to karaoke is now closer to us. Using it with a television and a lot of buttons is so much work. Not to mention the wires and jacks that need to be connected every single time we set it up. Today, Spotify released a new feature perfect for all Filipinos – a Karaoke mode.

Karaoke Mode

The new feature takes karaoke to a more portable version. With just a few clicks on your phone, you can instantly enjoy singing wherever you are. Singing along has never been easier. The new mode lets users choose among almost all songs there are in the app. Regardless of genre, singer, and playlist, Spotify gave us a lot of picks.

Singers are also judged by the app. It critiques your accuracy in the lyrics as well as your accuracy in the notes. Well, it may or may not be a challenge to Filipinos since singing is natural to us.

Using the New Feature

Spotify’s sing-along feature is not yet ready for all users. However, the app ensured its subscribers that the new feature will be available to all soon. However, to those who are lucky to experience the karaoke mode earlier enjoy every bit of it.

After playing a song, scroll down to see the lyrics section on your phone or tap the little mic button on your desktop. A “sing” button is visible on the upper-right side of the screen. Click the icon and the song will start to play. Lyrics will appear on your screen as well as an audio analyzer for the accuracy test with a score out of 100.

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Filipinos and Spotify’s Karaoke

As this new feature continues to be available in the Philippines, it may replace our traditional version of karaoke with a microphone and all. Rumors say that this feature will be accessible to all users regardless of version. Nevertheless, premium version or not, Filipinos will sure make the most out of the app.

Spotify just gave its Filipino users another reason to make them feel the app is worth purchasing.

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