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SB19 wins Group Performer of the Year for two consecutive years at the 2nd VPCA

SB19 wins Group Performer of the Year for two consecutive years at the 2nd VPCA

SB19 has successfully put their name out there! On March 6, Village Pipol announced the winners of the 2nd VP Choice Awards. Without any question, the Filipino boy band garnered thousands of votes. Of course, this makes them the leading pick for Group Performer of the Year for two consecutive years. JV Cruz and Joy Barcoma hosted the Livestream event. Aside from that, this year’s edition also features Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Fan Girl‘s big-time win.

VP Choice Awards 2020

Village Pipol determined the winners through a voting system of 25% from online votes, 25% from Facebook shares, 30% from the editorial team, and 20% from a panel of judges. This year’s panel of judges consists of creative and fashion personalities, business people, and entertainment executives. This includes entrepreneur Arlene Garcia – de Leon. Marketing expert Inyi Yruma. Director-slash-choreographer Juan Paulo Infante. Fashion designer Jhay Layson. And, creative director for a magazine under an Emmy-winning media company Allen Esteban

SB19 wins Group Performer of the Year for two consecutive years

Aside from winning Group Performer of the Year, their dedicated fans also deserve to receive recognition for the Fandom of the Year for two consecutive years.


The year between 2019 and 2020 became SB19’s mainstream breakthrough. They released their second single Go Up on July 19, 2019, and the group began gaining attention after uploading their dance practice video for the song to their YouTube channel. This became a viral sensation on Twitter and Facebook after it was shared on social media platforms.

Paving the way for the group’s appearance in various radio and television shows, they also gained coverage from different local and international media. As 2019 ended, SB19 became the first Filipino act to enter the Billboard Social 50 – an indication that more artists will continue to look East for inspiration and a larger audience.


On July 31, 2020, the quintet released their first album Get in the Zone on various digital music platforms. Then, two weeks after its release, the band achieved their highest position in the weekly Billboard Social 50 chart. They placed second behind BTS on the week of August 15, 2020. On December 3, 2020, SB19 debuted at number six in Billboard Year-End Charts Social 50 Artists, making them the first SouthEast Asian act to reach the Top 10 of the magazine’s annual chart. Of course, they continue to create waves as they dub 2021 “The New Era.”


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Watch the replay on Friday, March 12, on Village Pipol Magazine YouTube Channel.



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