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Amaterasu Sun Goddess joins 5th VP Choice Awards as major sponsor

Amaterasu Sun Goddess joins 5th VP Choice Awards as major sponsor

From shining its light to the health and beauty industry, Amaterasu Sun Goddess now rises as one of the major sponsors for the upcoming 5th Village Pipol Choice Awards. In a Facebook post, the most followed and engaged award-giving body in the country introduced the brand as one of its reputable partners for this year’s red carpet on May.

Following last year’s night of glitz and glamour that has created more than 110 million engagement, Amaterasu Sun Goddess expressed its excitement on its involvement this year. The brand anticipates the opportunity to show their commitment in empowering individuals through beauty, especially that there are categories of VP Choice Awards that it finds relevant to their field.

Also, it looks forward to witness live the names and brands that the Pipol voted as standouts for travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and technology categories to expand their networks and serve the industry more. Through their sponsorship, the beauty brand aims to make the 5th VPCA shine even more.

The Rise of Amaterasu Sun Goddess

More than committing to their mission to provide products for a radiant and supple skin, Amaterasu Sun Goddess envisions itself to be on the frontline of an empowering movement on beauty. It eyes to inspire Pipol to express themselves in their own beautiful way and amplify their confidence even more through their products.

Pushing further its advocacy, the beauty brand eyes to share the idea of being gentle to oneself in bringing out the beauty from within. And Amaterasu Sun Goddess saw joining the 5th Village Pipol Choice Awards as a bigger platform to influence more pipol with their ideas and push forward their advocacies for beauty and self-esteem.

The brand also recognizes its role in the community through upholding their commitment not only to provide quality products in the competitive market in the Philippines and in Japan, but also to support movements on environmental conservation. The beauty brand follows ethical practices from product formulation to packing that corresponds to the need of the environment.

And to maximize their role in the community, which they serve, Amaterasu Sun Goddess also actively plays significant parts in local projects that directly help several groups. The brand consistently supports local charities that cater the needs of the community across the country. And this made the brand even more excited in its partnership with the upcoming VPCA on May, as the award-giving body also share the same principles in helping the Pipol.

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Shining at the 5th VP Choice Awards

Thrilled by the excitement of joining the most-awaited red carpet of the year, Amaterasu Sun Goddess recognizes the weight of this partnership as they value VPCA as a distinct organization across various industries. Also, the brand expressed its excitement for the opportunities to collaborate with more personalities, especially those who will stand out in the hearts of the Pipol.

Amaterasu Sun Goddess believes that partnering with VPCA and other organizations that share the same principle and mission in serving the pipol would create an opportunity to understand more market and respond to their demands. More than just a brand partnership, Amaterasu Sun Goddess sees this collaboration as a significant movement in empowering more businesses and aligning with their advocacies.

Moreover, the health and beauty brand look forward to introduce itself to more audience and penetrate a bigger market, not only through its products but also with their call for empowerment and free expression of oneself. Through VPCA, the brand believes that it could resonate with the pipol the importance of embracing their true selves and shine beautifully.

Amaterasu Sun Goddess looks forward to making the 5th VP Choice Awards even shinier with their presence and advocacies to empower the voice and beauty of the pipol.

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