Earbuds vs Wired Earphones: Which one should you get?

Nowadays, phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple among others chosen to drop the headphone jack into consideration. And soon after, the other companies followed suit. Doing this saves extra space for the phone to make use of, as they say. There is not much of a choice but to either just go wirelessly or stick to using a dongle. Of course to whatever fits our liking.

Some phones are provided with a dongle out of the box. For them to still use their headphones, should they want to. But other brands, unfortunately, are not. This now then raises the question of which one should you get. Are you willing to go wirelessly? Or are you sticking to using your wired earphones?


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Most smartphones, as said earlier, do not have a headphone jack. That is a given! However, some manufacturers are kind enough to provide a dongle in the box, along with your phone. Again, some manufacturers, not all.

But if there is none, you can buy one for yourself. Relatively speaking, a dongle does not cost as much as wireless earbuds do. It can not even compete with its price in the market. While on the other hand, should you buy earbuds, you are ought to spend a lot of money.


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Whether you are outside or indoors, we can both use either the wired earphones or just go wireless. However, comfort in using one over the other is an issue.

The thing I hate the most about using wired earphones is that it gets all tangled up. No matter how much effort I put into it as soon as I am done using it, the next time I ought to use it again, it just gets all coiled up.

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This experience does not happen to me when I use my earbuds, though. It just does its job perfectly. However, what I hate about it is that it needs me to connect it to my phone’s Bluetooth before I can use it. That takes quite some time too, the same way as untangling the wires of my earphones.

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Whether be it the one or the other, there are some compromisations that need to happen. Whatever we choose, we still get to sacrifice something.


As soon as I know where my wired earphones are, I am all good. I can use it until my phone’s battery runs out. But if I am using a dongle for my earphones, that means I can not charge my phone through its charging port, though. As a wired earphone fan, that is the sacrifice one should make.

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However, that is not the issue with using wireless earbuds tho. I can use it even if my phone is charging. The thing is it drains after hours of usage. Though I can simply recharge it in its case. But that means I can not use these earbuds while it is charging. Thus, it may not be available every time.


Sticking to wired earphones truly is boring. It does not offer much. However, with good quality earbuds, we can experience some features the wired can not offer us. And some of these features are as follows:

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) – uses the earbuds’ onboard microphones to detect external sounds and attempts to cancel them out by producing sounds with an inverse phase. This lets us have a more immersive experience in listening to music or whatever media we want to.

Customizable Controls – Being able to choose which combination of taps or clicks are used for different functions is a nice option. We can skip the song playing with just a tap, control the volume by tapping the respective buds multiple times, and so much more. This feature varies in our modification.

IP rating for water and dust resistance – It is perfect when doing a workout and you sweat or get caught in the rain while you’re using it. This feature surely is not available in wired earphones.

These are just some of the pros and cons of using one or the other. It all depends on our liking, still. Using one over the other, there are still some sacrifices that need to be considered, we can not avoid that. Just use whatever you want, either wired or wireless. Or you can use both. You decide!

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