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REVIEW: Realme Buds Air is the must-have budget wireless earphones

REVIEW: Realme Buds Air is the must-have budget wireless earphones

Realme Philippines gave us an exclusive look with their newest product, the Realme Buds Air. Bent on delivering enhanced audio experience, they designed the audio device for Filipino audiophiles, general music lovers, and even, for mobile gamers. It has a 12mm bass boost driver where users can revel in the richness of uncompromising audio while watching movies or simply listening to music.

Let’s put the Realme Buds Air in an honest and unbiased review:


With one look, users can definitely recognized that the white-hued product looks a lot like Apple‘s AirPods. Similarly, the charging case has the same look and design. However, it has a difference when it comes to the height and width of the case. The realme Buds Air has a 51.3mm height and 45.3 width that differs from the actual AirPods.

Realme Buds Air


Just like other wireless earphones, it has support Touch Controls. You can double tap to answer a call or play/pause music playback. You can also skip to the next song or video with a triple tap. Meanwhile, users can long press on one side to Launch Voice assistant or end/decline a call. Aside from that, users can long press both sides to enter/exit Gaming Mode. Trying the controls, it has to be repeated for about two times just so the Buds Air could respond to your actions.

Connectivity and Battery

It has Google Fast Pair Technology (GFP) which actually works! Using a Samsung Note 8 for reference, it literally notified the Smartphone if we wanted to connect to the device. It claims to have the ability to connect to all kinds of Smartphones. However it has difficulty pairing with an Apple device. Although it can connect to an iPhone 8, pairing the device to an iPhone XS Max.

It claims to have a 3-hour battery life and 17-hours with the charging case. Talking from experience, the buds lasted for more than three hours giving the user time to watch another episode.


The sleek plastic component of the Buds Air remains comfortable in the ear unlike other wireless earphones that features silicone plugs. However, a user can’t use this when exercising since it can drop off in an instant when running around.

Village Pipol’s PR & Advertising Manager Josh Austria wearing the Realme Buds Air

Angela’s Verdict:

I, personally, conclude that the Realme Buds Air has its advantages and disadvantages. It will definitely spur interest among the Filipino market due to its affordable cost, disrupting the SRP 3,990.00 price segment. Aside from that, it offers optimum and high-grade features that provides true wireless experience. Nevertheless, it is a must-have budget wireless earphones.

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