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Playpark Launchpad 2022: Playpark reveals upcoming mobile and PC games for PH and Southeast Asia

Playpark Launchpad 2022: Playpark reveals upcoming mobile and PC games for PH and Southeast Asia

Discover epic new worlds with Playpark’s 2022 lineup of new games

Playpark, Inc. a subsidiary of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, announced the release of their incoming online games. Namely, Elyon SEA – Ascent Infinite Realm, Dream of a New World SEA, Tera Classic SEA, and Noah’s Heart SEA.

To celebrate the upcoming release of these, Playpark, Inc. organized an epic on-ground media and press event in the Philippines. The event is entitled Playpark Launchpad 2022 last June 23. It is PlayPark’s first on-ground media event after more than two years due to the global pandemic. The event becomes a way to reconnect with their media partners. 

PlayPark PH Chief Publishing Officer Apollo Dionglay opening the program

The media, press, and invited influencers got treated to fun activities, games, and prizes from brand partners like Klean Kanteen. Questions and updates about the new game release dates were also discussed with the invited guests.

PlayPark Launchpad 2022 is the result of the company’s continued partnerships with well-known game developers and publishers. This is in order to bring great games to a bigger audience. Thanks to continued improvements in game accessibility, gamers have indeed enjoyed an unprecedented variety of game titles and genres. This comes from game download websites or even physical platforms like smartphones,

On stage are PlayPark product managers who will lead games to be released (from L to R) Lauren Jules Peniera (Elyon), Nino Dela Paz (Dream of a New World), Jojo Yambao (Noah’s Heart), and Dan Imperial (Tera Classic).

Meanwhile, the MMORPG genre is one of the first truly online gaming experiences for players. Thanks to PlayPark Launchpad 2022, the community can look forward to more titles to try out with their friends. From casual and nostalgic to challenging and hardcore, these titles coming from PlayPark will certainly awaken the MMO gamer in you! Here’s a rundown of what to expect from PlayPark:

Elyon SEA – Ascent Infinite Realm

Elyon is a steampunk-style MMORPG developed by Krafton. The game focuses on the fight between two kingdoms, Vulpin and Ontari. Also, the two factions fight each other in massive battles thanks to the game’s non-target combat system. Discover the massive realm vs realm battles in Elyon’s epic open-world which combine aerial and land-based combat. Choose the battlefield and join your allies in the quest for glory.

Dream of a New World SEA

On the other hand, Dream of a New World combines turn-based RPG combat with vibrant graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. Truly, it brings an epic world to life. Capture and evolve pets to gain powerful abilities to help your team. Decorate your home and village with your guildmates! Participate in cross-server PvP battles to prove your skills. Show your power by becoming the king of the hill of your server!.

TERA Classic SEA

The game is an open-world mobile MMORPG based on the popular PC game TERA Online. It retains the classic charm of the original game as well, and has been acknowledged as a faithful port of the PC version that retains key highlights of the original game.

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Noah’s Heart SEA

Noah’s Heart is a mobile game developed using Unreal Engine 4 technology and allows players to freely explore the world. Immerse yourself in the diverse atmosphere, landscapes and locations. Face hundreds of monsters and NPCs, all of which can interact with players, and also summon a sidekick pet Phantom to help fight as well. In addition, Noah’s Heart has a dynamic day-night and weather system within the game, giving players a virtual experience to explore the world in a realistic way. Players in Noah’s Heart can choose to customize their character’s faces, hairstyles, and poses distinctively.

PlayPark was also excited to announce the long-term partnership with PC Express, one of the country’s leading tech and gadget retail brands. Of course, always supportive of gaming, PC Express has been working with brands, companies, streamers, and gamers of all forms to provide them with the latest gadgets, hardware, and peripherals to make sure everyone games at their very best. 

Thanks to this partnership, gamers can expect promotion tie-ups, as well as exclusive gadget and peripheral packages to be announced and launched on PlayPark and PC Express platforms to coincide with the release of the upcoming games.

Be sure to follow the Official PC Express Facebook page and check out their official website for more details on their promotions. Also, check out the official PlayPark Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

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