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All About The Newest Google Pixel Buds Pro

All About The Newest Google Pixel Buds Pro

Last May 11, Google announced the arrival of the Pixel Buds Pro. Its features include beamforming microphones, voice accelerometer, wind-blocking mesh covers, multipoint connectivity, and touch controls among others. It also has a hands-free Google Assistant support with real-time translation. Meanwhile, the earbuds have IPX4 water resistance and the case remains IPX2. 

All About The Newest Google Pixel Buds Pro

The new pair becomes the first pair of Pixel Buds that support active noise cancellation. It features a custom 6-core audio processor and uses custom algorithms to cancel out the noise. Aside from that, it also uses a feature called Silent Seal. This, on the other hand, adapts to the shape of the user’s ears in order to maximize the amount of noise canceled. 

The earbuds also have a custom-designed 11mm driver and Volume EQ which automatically adjusts the audio tuning based on the volume level. A 5-band EQ will also let its users further customize the sound to their liking. It also features transparency mode, letting in ambient sound. That way, the user wouldn’t miss out on important audio cues without having to take them out. 

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According to Tom’s Guide, the Pixel Buds Pro will last up to eleven hours of listening time on the new model. However, if the active noise cancellation is turned on, it would last up to seven hours. The tech publication also compared it to Apple’s AirPods Pro 2. And, Google’s pair might be even better. 

Learn more about the Google Pixel Buds Pro here.

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